my story

Hello friends πŸ™‚

Welcome to my mission blog!!
So I’m going to be cheesy and start off by letting you all know how long I’ve wanted to go on a mission!!! (The answer is forever!!!)
I seriously have, I promise. I didn’t actually jump on the “mission train”… except I totally did πŸ˜‰

I haven’t received my call yet, but my papers have begun! Hopefully I can have them in this weekend! πŸ™‚

Anyways, here’s my little (actually… dang long) story for you about how I got to where I am today and maybe it will help someone else out there who has been through the same stuff πŸ™‚ If you can get through the whole thing that is! πŸ˜‰

So I’ve always known I was going to serve a mission. Both of my parents served missions in Santiago Chile. (Yes, they met there… yes my dad proposed on the plane home… Extremely weird… haha I know, I know.)
Anyways, I guess because my mom served a mission I just knew I was going to! Even when I was younger. My patriarchal blessing really opened my eyes to that reality.
>>>>FAST FORWARD to my junior year in high school. We moved from the city I grew up in to Tucson, Arizona. I was NOT a happy camper. I left a boy I really liked, my friends, and honestly, my home! I was bullied at the new school, and rumors were spread. Because I was so sad, I made a few mistakes. Nothing too serious, but enough that near the end of the year I realized that I was incredibly unhappy. I figured out that I was unhappy not just because we had moved, but because I had grown further from Heavenly Father, and that made me sad. I shaped up and started praying again and reading my scriptures more.
Eventually, I switched schools and we moved across town. Things turned a 180 for me! I just loved senior year and I made some amazing friends that were almost all members of the church. It was such a blessing and I don’t think any of those people will ever realize how much their friendships changed my life.
After graduation (2012 baby!!), most of us ended up at either BYU-Idaho or BYU-Provo. I ended up in Idaho, and I roomed with one of my friends from home, and my cousin and friends from my old hometown were there too!
The semester wasn’t great for me. I was sick a lot and my grades weren’t the best. I wasn’t making as many friends or dating like I thought I would. I didn’t know what I wanted to major in and I was starting to get kind of depressed. In October, me and my roommates drove to SLC for General Conference and THAT is where my life got flip turned upside down and the mission ages were changed! (Also… Tucson temple! holla)
I called my mom after the announcement and just started crying. I know that was the Spirit telling me that this was what I was going to do. Back up in Rexburg, I felt a little better because the stress of choosing a major was gone, but I was getting sicker for some reason and my grades were just dropping. Even with the mission prospect, I still had a pretty horrible semester. The only thing I can say is that I had the Spirit with me there and I was helped through some rough times. I also had my amazing cousin and some amazing friends that supported me too.
Finally, at the end of the semester, my mom picked me up and we headed back down south. In southern Utah is when it happened. We took a potty break, and on the way back to the car I all of a sudden had the most INTENSE pain ever and literally couldn’t breathe. It just got worse. My mom took me to the closest hospital near us and I had an emergency CT scan. They found a 3 cm lesion in my left frontal lobe, or what they told me… LUNG CANCER.
Um, effing…what?? I was drugged up thankfully, but seriously… cancer??
NO frickin way!
There was nothing they could do and we had to get home, so we drove home and I was pretty numb to the whole thing. We saw a pulmonologist when I got back, and had another CT scan.
THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE. It wasn’t cancer. It was this stupid thing called Valley Fever. For people outside of AZ, valley fever is pretty unknown. In fact, it’s native to Southern Arizona and California almost exclusively. It is a little fungus that lives in the dirt and dust here. When there is construction, dust storms, lots of wind, or pretty much anything at all, the dust gets in the air and people breathe it in. Most Arizonans have valley fever, actually. I was just part of the 2% who had severe symptoms.
So that sucked. It wasn’t cancer, but still.
They stuck me on this medicine that is INSANELY harsh on my body. It is quite similar to chemotherapy. It makes my hair fall out in clumps, it makes my skin super dry and parched, it makes me black out all the time, it makes me tired and gives me headaches… the list goes on.
So once again, that sucked.
And I was bedridden for 2 months after I got home.
This was the absolute worst. Honestly. I had all these plans to get a job right away and have my papers in by like, April and leave in June! It was really, really hard to be set back so much.
I got a little better and got a job, but things were still tough. I also started online classes so I could keep my scholarship. That made things tougher.
Then came all my friends leaving on THEIR missions. That has almost killed me! I am insanely happy for all of them, but it has been so hard watching them all get what I have been wanting.

Sooooo >>>>>>FAST FORWARD again to today. I got a prompting to talk to my bishop a month ago when I was feeling really down. I just wanted to hear his advice. But he opened my papers for me to my surprise!! I filled them out LITERALLY that night, except for the medical forms.
I got my dental appointment finished that week.
Then came the doctors appointments. I didn’t even know if I was healthy or not! So I scheduled some appointments, just to see what would happen. I prayed a lot, met with the sister missionaries SO MUCH, and still am, and waited.
Finally the day came πŸ™‚ I went in to his office with my papers and everything…. and he had rescheduled for JULY SEVENTEENTH.
Okay, if that wasn’t a sign I don’t know what was. I was so confused! Was this Heavenly Father telling me it wasn’t time yet? I didn’t know.
So I called around and rescheduled and tried to move things around. Nothing.
Finally, I got a call back and they squeezed me in for this Friday…. well technically today πŸ™‚
So today is the money day πŸ™‚ I guess we’ll finally see what happens right?

Anyways, that is my long (probably TOO long) story. If anyone reads this and takes anything away from it, it would be have faith. Faith in the Lord’s timing.
BYU-Idaho wasn’t for me, but it taught me a lot. It taught me that faith was important when there was nothing else tangible to hang onto. Especially when things are unknown, faith is what will get you through πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


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