let’s talk about something

umm negativity!!!

I don’t know about everyone else… but I seriously have been getting lots of negative comments in the last few weeks about my mish!! towards me, towards others… just not happy things goin around!! what the nut?!

I had a guy (and RM in fact!) tell me I was “too immature” to go on a mission and that I was just on the bandwagon and didn’t have a clue what I was getting into

I had my boss tell me that I should stay away from this sketchy looking guy who is really interested in the church… (his “sketchiness” consists of exactly 3 tattoos on his arm)

I’ve had many of my friends act bored when I’m excited about my mission stuff

I’ve had one of my closer friends question almost every reason I have for leaving, even when I am completely certain this is the right thing

I had an old lady I know tell me I should go to school and get married and this wasn’t the right thing for me


Well let me just say this.
If anyone else in the world has this problem… SO WHAT! 🙂
Who cares? You’re the only one who REALLY knows why you’re going, and you’re the only one who matters in that decision anyway 😉
Another thing: It will never be a wrong decision to serve the Lord, so keep at it! If you get negative comments, just smile and move on because those people probably have NO idea what they are talking about 🙂

And to you girls who have gotten anti-sister comments from guys….. AHEM. Elders are amazing. I know so many great elders who do so much good. But the truth is, there are some things in life that  a brotha just can’t do, ya know? Girls have this special spirit and we can touch people’s lives in different ways. You aren’t too immature. (In fact, you were probably more mature than most elders when you were 15:)
Just keep on going. Satan just wants to drag you down and he will pull as hard as he can to get you down to his level!!!

Love Julia ❤


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