some advice

So I just posted about how I’ve had a lot of doubts and sadness lately.
I totally don’t feel that way anymore! It was a weird 2 weeks or so. But I got some pretty great advice from my parents and some awesome sisters that I LOVE. Here are my 10 tips for keeping away the pre-mish blues.

    1. If you have a job (which I do) get as many hours as possible. It means more money and less time focusing on stuff that doesn’t matter.
    2. Read the scriptures every single day. My sisters challenged me to pray before and after study and to pray SPECIFICALLY for the Spirit. 
    3. Pray. All the time. 
    4. Realize that all the sadness you feel is literally SATAN. Don’t feel sad about nothing! There’s no reason to feel that way. It can be hard but it’s so not worth it. 
    5. Push away all the “I wish I was doing…. [insert thing that isn’t as cool as a mish here]” Your friends might be dating, they might be getting married even, they might be going to school or going on cool trips. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING besides becoming a General Authority can equal the amount of spirituality and spiritual growth that you will get on your mission that all of your non-mission friends are missing out on! And the coolest part is, you get to do that AND the cool stuff afterwards!! 😉 Best of both worlds yo!! 🙂 
    6. Go out with the sisters as much as possible!! The sisters have become my closest friends almost, and we’ve had some amazing experiences that I have been lucky enough to share with them. 
    7. Don’t waste your time. I tend to calm myself down by like, playing games on my iPod, or browsing YouTube and Facebook… well I need to stop. And so do you! There are so many other things to do besides that. Reading scriptures is an awesome one. 
    8. Start going to bed earlier. Not only will it help you get on a schedule that you will need to follow, but it will make you feel better and happier by default. 
    9. Try to see the good in all people. It will help for your love for others as you prepare to go, and it will just give you more positive thoughts in all aspects of your life. 
    10. Think positively about yourself!!! 🙂 Don’t worry too much about tiny sins. Repent and move on 🙂 You don’t have to be perfect. Don’t stress about clothes, or a zit, or silly things that don’t matter. Be proud if you are single, and be proud if you aren’t. Just be happy with your decision because it’s a great one 🙂 
And those are the things that I took away from all of my awesome advice I got this week. I hope it helps someone else! 🙂 I’m so excited to get my call and prepare even further to serve a mission for the Lord ! ❤

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