the call.

IT CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sooo I was freaking myself out at work all day today as I said in my earlier post.
Not as much as yesterday, but… a lot.
Anyways, I got home and my grandma caught me as I was leaving to check the mail.
She asked me to tell her completely honestly what my dream mission would be.
I told her honestly I had prepped for anything but I would LOVE South America, Spanish Speaking.
Then, I left to check the mail. I looked inside and
Just smiling at me inside of there 😉


So I freaked out, ran inside and called and texted everyone I know.
Then my mom took me shopping so I wouldn’t throw up.
Ha. Finally, my mom pulled out this envelope from out of the piano bench at the last second. Uhm.
Yeah. She hands it to me. It was the REAL MISSION CALL.
What happened was: She wanted to pull a prank on me because I do that crap ALL THE TIME. So she spent a long time making me this fake mission call… which was super funny and thoughtful of her because I would have loved that. And also, she did a good job because I didn’t think anything was wrong with it all 🙂 No idea.
BBUUTTTT she felt all bad at the last second because she wanted me to have a spiritual experience so she just gave me the real one 🙂
All of my amazing friends came and it was the most spiritual, exhilarating experience of my LIFE.
As I opened it, I started panicking.
I was honestly and truly expecting a stateside mission, maybe on the east coast.
I ripped it open and accidentally saw a part of the name.
I literally SCREAMED and broke down in tears in excitement.
Everyone was yelling at me, but I finally read the rest.
I have been called to the
I report to the MEXICO MTC on DECEMBER 18!
I’m not the biggest fan of the December part but
Are you KIDDING ME!?!!??!?!

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