the torture

Today could very possibly be the magical day in My-Mission-Call Land.
Lemme just tell you a lil story about all this.
Yesterday was Thursday. I am pretty sure that if all went well, the call was mailed on Tuesday.
So yesterday was kinda the first possibility that it could have been here.
I was pretty sure it wasn’t actually, but I STILL freaked myself out.
I had cold sweats
I was shaking
I was sick to my stomach
and I left work early, to find nothing 😦
Sad day…
But today is Friday. Which means it really could be here today. If it was sent on Tuesday, the likelihood of it being here today is quite high.
I just am so nervous!! I am nervous about what my call is, but honestly the anticipation of just GETTING it is the worst! I’ve been trying to distract myself but it’s sooooo hard.
I get waves of sickness in my little tummy everytime I think about it.
But anyways, this may be the last blog post I make in my un-knowingness!!
I hope so bad it comes today or tomorrow 🙂 (today would be nice….)
Cross your fingers 🙂

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