Yeah, I have none. 

And that kind of sucks because right now I should be doing a BOAT LOAD of things. 

I really need to be reading my scriptures… a lot. And studying my Spanish. And I should probably be using this awesome online MTC program too that I have been lazing around and not using. 

I also need to be working out, and focusing on making my body healthy. And going to bed on time.

UGHHH all these things are SO HARD to overcome! And I know I can pray and look to the Lord for answers, but I also have to DO something. I really need something to boost me to just step up and DO IT. Just… I know what I need to do and I know the Lord is counting on me to do it, I just haven’t. And it’s laziness and unwillingness to work hard. 

I think that I am scared that once I start really pushing myself into this whole, doing everything right thing that I’ll change and all the things I’m used to… all the late nights out and the stupid hours spent playing games and doing things that don’t matter… will be gone. And that’s not even a BAD THING. Haha. I just don’t know if I’m ready yet. 

Except… I need to be ready. I needed to be ready a long time ago. 

Crap. Not being motivated sucks.


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