So I took a really fun trip this past weekend to SLC and we went to General Conference!!!

I actually got in one of the sessions and it was an amazing experience. I loved every minute and it was a really cool spiritual boost that I needed before I left. 

Basically we took a really snuggly 14 hour car ride up to the good ol Beehive itself. The next day us girls went and drove around a canyon and took SUPER CUTE fall pictures with leaves and cheesy swings and stuff that we can’t see here in the desert. After that… IMAGINE DRAGONS!!! SOOO MUCH FUN. (I caught a balloon full of money!) I’ve seen them once before and that was AMAZING. But this was a free concert and it was awesome. I saw a bunch of old friends and said some goodbyes too!

Then we did conference and Temple Square. The girls went shopping and I saw another great friend of mine. Sunday was great too because conference was super spiritual and it was gorgeous weather!! Finished it off with a bonfire and a bunch of cuddling allllll the way home in a very tight car 🙂 



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