Sister Missionary Checklist :) (with printable versions)

It’s so hard to figure out what you need as you go on a mission. Here are a few of the things on MY own checklist. This is LITERALLY everything that I could think of. (Keep in mind I’m going somewhere that has cold and rainy winters.) I apologize if I forgot anything! I hope this helps!!


Sister Missionary Checklist.docx

Sister Missionary Checklist.doc

Sister Missionary Checklist.pdf


♥Cardigans (black, gray, tan, cream, and 3-5 other colored/patterned)
♥At least 5 undershirts/shade shirts
♥10-12 shirts/tanks to mix and match with skirts
♥8-10 skirts
♥2 dresses
♥4-5 pairs of underwear for… that time of the month (and yes it’s ok to wear them during that time as long as you still wear your G’s over them. I asked the temple worker :D)
♥5-6 GOOD neutral colored bras
♥3-4 exercise outfits
♥1-2 pairs of jeans for P-Day and service projects
♥3-4 t-shirts and pj bottoms (maybe double them up as workout clothes too?)
♥15 pairs of garments 🙂


♥2 jackets
♥A raincoat or two
♥4-5 sweaters and heavier cardigans
♥Replace some of the skirts with wool and thick skirts that will repel snow and rain


✫3-5 belts
✫3-5 scarves that you can mix and match
✫3-5 pairs of tights (colored and black)
✫2 boot socks (Target 3$$!!!)
✫2 slips
✫Like 10 pairs of those low cut socks in neutral colors to wear with your walking shoes (3$ Target!!!) 5 pairs of regular socks!!
✫Dr. Scholls shoe inserts!!
✫2 pairs of fleece lined tights for the winter (Burlington Coat Factory)
✫1 pair of mittens
✫1 pair of snow gloves
✫some warm hats or headbands
✫2 pairs of expensive, comfy walking shoes
✫2 pairs of cute and comfy flats
✫5-6 headscarves and headbands
✫7-8 necklaces in all colors and styles
✫CTR ring!
✫YW medallion of course!!
✫a bunch of conservative earrings
✫3 working watches
✫3-4 bracelets


✔a small nail kit with clippers and files and cuticle trimmers
✔clear nail polish and a few cute colors
✔shower flip flops for the nasty unknown….
✔Q-tips in a baggie
✔face wash/soap
✔curling iron
✔hairbrush and combs
✔clips, hairties, bobby pins…
✔little roll up flat jewelry holder with lots of pockets
✔makeup (foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara, brushes of all kinds)
✔a big makeup bag and a small makeup bag (big-leave home, small-bring with you for the day)
✔MICROFIBER TOWELS AND WASHCLOTHS they are thin and light for packing but absorb better than normal towels (Deseret Book/Bed Bath and Beyond)
✔prescription medications
✔small bottles of: Ibuprofen, Midol, Nyquil, Melatonin, Peptobismol, Advil and any other over-the-counter meds you are used to taking
✔cough drops


→2 suitcases. (No more than 62 dimensional inches. 50 lbs. max each.)
→A carry-on bag. (No more than 45 dimensional inches. Weight varies)
→A bag with lots of pockets that is sturdy enough for the whole 18 months. (I got one that’s leather…20$ at Ross!!!)
→a plug international converter thing… I think you can get them at Walmart?
→a small first aid kit
→a small sewing kit
→a laundry stick for stain emergencies!
→an address book for all your friends back home! Put email addresses and mailing addresses in there!
→A small camera, camera case, usb plug and a charger OR rechargeable batteries
→Two flash drives so you have backup copies of pictures in case your camera gets stolen
→A lanyard for the MTC and to put your flashdrives and church keys on.
→a small alarm clock
→a small gps? (maybe)
→a lint roller
→a wallet
→pens and pencils for study



▼a new scripture case with pockets
▼an ENGLISH scripture quad… they give you your language scriptures in the MTC and you should study in English anyways.
▼a mini hymnal in your language
▼a mini preach my gospel
▼a journal (Deseret Book has nice ones)
▼a photo album of home to remember everyone and everything
▼a pedigree chart 4 generations back
▼a little notebook for lanugage study and remembering words and phrases
▼another notebook for class notes and spiritual thoughts and scripture study
▼an accordion file for letters, cards, talks, spiritual thoughts, and patriarchal blessing. One location for all of them.
▼a file pocket organizer thing for important documents, like passport, birth certificate, ss card and visa info.


▼a photo ID
▼the visa/travel information that is required (check your MYLDSMAIL account and your packet for details on what is required)
▼temple recommend
▼$200 or so for travel expenses, emergencies, and maybe bedding once you get there.
▼copy of your mission call letter
▼health insurance
▼immunizations sheet


✈an umbrella
✈rain boots/snowboots (lets face it you just don’t have room in your suitcases)
✈maybe even a cheap coat if you can’t fit it and don’t want to risk sending it
✈A big thing of shampoo, conditioner and shower stuff (My cousin said you can buy it all in the MTC so don’t waste space with it)
✈The foreign language scriptures and foreign language preach my gospel (MTC)
✈enough feminine products to last you however long…
✈small speakers for your ipod
bedding if needed
✈hangers if needed


  1. Go to and sign in with your lds account. It should give you a timeline of when you leave, and a checklist of stuff you HAVE to do. Do those things.
  2. Make sure you get all the documents for your visa sent to Salt Lake right away. Usually you have to get a passport first, but DONT procrastinate this.
  3. Waterproof your shoes because you just never know.
  4. Get your immunizations. This should be on your top priority list.
  5. Start reading the Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, and if you have time, Jesus The Christ.
  6. Start living by a schedule. It’ll get you in the habit, and it’ll help you feel more organized and prepared.
  7. Start going to bed a little earlier and waking up a little earlier. It’ll also help you feel healthier and more prepared.
  8. Make at least a loose plan of what you’re going to do when you get home. If that means applying for a school, or even just knowing where you want to go, do it. Your mind may change but it’s better than having nothing waiting for you when you get home.
  9. See your bishop at least once a month. Mine is actually my close friend, I love meeting with him and he really helps me with EVERY worry and struggle.
  10. FIGURE OUT WHAT GARMENTS YOU LIKE. Oh my gosh. Can’t stress this enough. I am going to be perfectly honest. When I started wearing them, I went into a week long depression. I thought, “oh my heck is this my LIFE forever?!?!” My friend did not understand why I was having so many issues, and she showed me what she wore and I about died!! I was wearing a fabric that was just SO uncomfortable for me, and the kind she wears are just perfect and I love garments now. So really, figure it out before you leave. Seriously. Ask around. (Ask sister missionaries in your area)
  11. Go to the temple as often as possible.
  12. DO FUN THINGS!!!!! Don’t go crazy, but go see your favorite band, go on a road trip with your friends, go hiking and swimming and have dance parties!! Make it a memorable time, and take lots of pictures!!
  13. Spend a day alone with everyone in your family.
  14. Try to learn a few phrases in your new language. Or at least write them in a notebook or something. I personally tried to learn how to say a prayer, how to say a basic testimony, and how to say “I’m allergic to gluten” and “I am gluten intolerant” in Spanish.
  15. Email your grandparents and distant family members! Let them know you love them. They’ll be happy they were included in your thoughts before you left. (Especially if they aren’t LDS)
  16. SMILE!!!!! Be excited!!! It’s only for a short time in the scheme of things, and your mission is the only time in your life where you can be SOOO selfless and yet grow SO much personally at the same time!!

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