in waiting

So to all of you out there with a long wait between your mission call and the MTC…

I feel ya. 

I got my mission call August 2nd and report December 18th. 

Not that that’s too super long… it’s 4 1/2 months and people have waited longer. But before my mission call, I waited for almost 9 months to recover from an illness and pretty much have spent the past year working and waiting around… FOREVER.

At least, it feels like it!!! 

And I can tell you RIGHT NOW that I firmly believe that waiting for a long time for your mission can be worse than not feeling like you have long enough to prepare. So if you are in that boat, I’m so sorry. Hopefully this will give you some paddles.

First of all, temptation is just suckish, but it’s there. For sure. And I will be the first to say that Satan hates missionaries and wants to do anything to stop you. 


He will stop at nothing. You might even fall down a few times, and have to repent. That’s okay 🙂 He might even try other dirty tricks on you too.

You might get sick. Your family might get sick. You might get hurt. Your family might get hurt. You might lose your job. You might lose friends. You might feel discouraged. You might have temptations that just feel unbearable. You might feel depressed. You might even question why you’re going!!!

I have experienced ALL of those things while waiting here. And if you have too, congratulations!! You’re doing the right thing.

Because even though you might feel like you aren’t on the right path… I mean everything is going SO WRONG… you totally are, and you need to keep going. 


Because by going on a mission, the most powerful and evil being on this earth is using all of his power to stop you. And that must mean it’s the best thing you could possibly do, right?

And the WORST thing you could possibly do is give in. And let him win. Seriously.

Don’t give up.

It’ll all be worth it, and trust me girl you’re not alone. Right there with ya pal. 

😉 You got this.


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