Oh My Heck…. I’m a Missionary!!!

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!!!!
Mom and Dad, I’m safe so don’t worry!! And I’m not too sad and I didn’t really cry after you left so don’t even worry about me. I’m really happy and safe and hungry and exhausted but yeah. It’s awesome!!!!!!!!! SOOO I just got into Mexico and the keyboard is really weird and hard to type on so bear with me! Plus my brain is doing cartwheels so this will probably make no sense.
so this is SUPER CRAZY AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna do a smiley face but i don”t know how so just whatever. So I met a bunch of elders in Phoenix and no sisters, but it was great. The elders were all soooo awesome and nice and helpful and it was just super great. I sat next to an elder on the way down to Mexico and we talked the whole time and it made me soooo much less nervous and worried!!
Then we got to the airport and i realized that holy heck i packed so much stuff. My bags are ridiculously heavy. i finally got it situated so that i can pull them but they are so heavy and it felt like we were walking for years and my arms literally went numb and i thought they were going to fall off hahaahaha. Maybe I’m just outta shape…… and the elders were laughing at me because I was holding everyone up!!! haha whatever. so THEN we met up with some sisters (finally!!!!!!!!!!!) and they were all so cute and I found out that there are 3 others of us going to Concepcion!!! Two elders, and a sister and me. and she’s my companion!!!!!!!! But I’ll get to that in  a second!!!
THE BUS RIDE WAS CRAY. like, oh my. Mexico city is dirty and crazy and people were like selling stuff in the middle of the road in like crazy traffic!!! But its really pretty here we were touristing it up and taking pictures like crazy. I already LOVE these missionaries. They are all hilarious!!! And they call us a family because we came in together and they are all super nice!!! And the sisters are the SWEETEST!!!!! We got our name tags when we got here and it was a super spiritual moment… I almost cried. and they gave us our companions and mine is going to Concepcion and I can tell I’m just going to love her!! Her name is Sister Blau and she went to BYU Idaho too! She’s a year younger than me though… which is weird because I’m usually younger but now I’m feeling old. Anyways the other sisters are in our apartment and our district and branch and all that. So its just cool. We already feel like a family. At least I do…. I love these guys so much. I’m so excited to be a missionary and I’m like freaking out a lot. this is a wild ride but I’m loving it already!!!!!!!!
Also… in the airport I realized I understand a lot more spanish than I thought!! Theres an elder who speaks spanish already (actually one of the concepcion elders) and then I am probably the only other one who can speak as much as I can. So its kinda nice I guess! Anyways, long email but I’m loving everything so much. I’m safe and happy and I’m really excited to get going!!! 
Hmm. anything else…. uhhh I saw a homeless man like making a bed just literally in the median when we were driving to the ccm and it made me want to cry it was so sad!!! I remembered just his sad face. (insert frowny face) OH!!! also the CCM is so pretty and calm. seriously its a paradise in a crazy city. Wow this is a novel, I’mm sorry. but this is just a crazy day and I am soooooo loving it omgggggg!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day and I love you all!!!
ps- Familia— thank you so much for the letters… oh man I loved them. Mom and Dad I didn’t open yours yet but I opened the kids and they are just so cute. Emily’s made me happy!! All of them did though. I hope you did good on your finals Ethan and Kylie!!!! And mom, the lady you go to school with sat diagonally behind me on the flight and an old guy next to her told me I was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen and then proceeded to tell me that missionaries are annoying and just bad mouthed the church. It was fun.
Anyways love you all!!!! If you got here Congratulations!!!!!!!!


Hermana Dunne 😀 but for real now!!! I have a name-tag to prove it!!!!

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