They call me “Abuela”

HOLAAAA friends y familia!!!!

Soooooo wow I have a lot to say!!!! 😀 
This week was just crazy. 
Okay. I have 15 minutes. ready…. go.
Sooo my companion. She is awesome. She really is a gem, I got lucky!!!! It is harder for her to deal with me than me to deal with her probably hahaha 🙂 Her name is Hermana Blau and she is from Missouri but was up at Idaho too! She’s a year younger than me.
**FUNFACT- I am the oldest in my district and the second oldest in my zone. EWWW. I hate it. hahaha thats what the wait did to me I guess!!! haha only by like a few weeks but still, everyone calls me abuela. GROSS.
Anyways soooo wow!!! I am not going to lie. it was a rough first few days. Daniel told me to make it to Sunday and that Friday would be the worst…. BINGO he wins haha thats exactly what happened. it was a rough one. I had to hide my letters from home so that I wouldnt cry and freak out my roommates hahahaha. I missed home so much!!! ahhh i still do, but honestly Christmas was strangely not even that bad!! It was last week that was rough. I missed my friends soooooooo much. So if youre my friend, that means you. it was so hard to say gooodbye to you guys. 😦 and of course bad things happened to my family the week i left too but thats how Satan works right? 😦 anyways…..
But all the sad stuff is not important!! hahah. On Saturday, we taught our first investigator!!! Hahaha jk hes a teacher here but hes a DANG GOOD ACTOR oh my heck!!! he is just awesome. we really care about him. My companion Hermana Blau is really awesome and spiritual so she pushes me to be better and we are just cruising through this MTC thiñg!! It has already been 8 days WHAT THE NUT?? 
But yeah. I think that Rodrigo (our fake investigator) is the biggest push for me feeling okay about staying here. Our lessons are really fun and spiritual and last time I drew him a picture about the plan of salvation and it was way fun!!! ALSOOOOO BE PROUD OF ME I have taught all my lessons in COMPLETE SPANISH without añy english and i am learning the language pretty well!!! THE GIFT of TONGUES is a real thing. Trust me. Es Verdad.
hahahaha ps- we always say ´´la luche es real´´… the struggle is real… lol and also ´´el tiempo es ahora´´… the time is now… hahaha we are jsut weird and dorky missionaries. Anywayyysss 
So the food here is nasty cafeteria food, but mexican. hahahahah. And i am from tucson so i KNOW my mexican food, and this aint it. It was a bummer. But they are good about gluten free so im enjoying that while I can hahaha. I have been the least sick of all the hermanas here so WHAT THE HECK thats a first!!!
But wow my ZONE. it is literally the best ever. If any of you Tucsonians know Raini Weller or maybe (Natalie Weller) she is totally in my zone and we are way tight. She is so cool. Love her. Our zone though, it is jsut the best. The other zones arent fun or loud or happy like us but we are just so close and tight and its just AWESOME!! I love it!!!!
Anyways so Christmas!!! IT was soooo awesome. We sang way too many Christmas carols and I never want to hear one agaiñ hahaha but in Mexico the Mexicañs just go CRAY and shoot fireworks all night long and there are like mariachi bands playing in the city… its cool. But Bednar spoke in a broadcast and it was really cool. He is so powerful and it was really motivating. 
Anyways. For the spiritual stuff…. I hate to say it but there hasñt been much. We mostly study spanish and then have motivating ´´stay on your missions´´ talks hahaha. but if I had to say anything I have learned it is that Jesus loves us SO MUCH and he atoned for our sins. By atoned I mean he literally had a lifelong mission to love us and save us from everything horrible in our lives. And if we come unto him, we will seriously be happier than anything else could ever make us. So just remember that. It is real. I thought more about his life on Christmas than I did his birth!! Because his miracle WAS his life. Not just his birth. That was only the beginning!!!
Anyways there you go. AS time goes on I will have more for you. But ummm okay today we went to the temple in Mexico and I LOVED IT. Plus we got to drive on a scary bus through mexico city hahaa i loved it though. its the only time we will get to go… the temple is closing for repairs or something soon and my mission doesnt have a temple so thats a bummer. My last temple trip until 2015!!!!! but…. the temple is huge and gorgeous. it is like a Mayan temple. it is just amazing I love it so much. I listened to it all in English, but I could hear it in Spanish too and that was pretty cool. So anyways. fun stuff. 
Well thats all for ñow, ask me questions and i will try to answer you!!!! hahahah and there are some real characters out here that i wanna tell you about!! hahah but my time is running out. lol. Not in a bad way, but there are just some people that….. are interesting. lol. its a fun time. 
Okay hopefully some of these pictures send!!!
I love you all so much and yo se that if you press forward con la fe you will be blessed so much so just DO IT okay?? its hard but worth it and I am hypocritical saying that because i am not exactly the most faithful or pressing forward happily…. but just do it. i know it will bless you.
En el nombre de Jesucristo AMEN!!! 
Con Amor, Hermana Dunne 🙂
ps IGNORE my non cuteness. thats been a thing since i got here. hahahaha ewwwwww

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