Feliz Ano Nuevo Yo!!!

January 1, 2014

HOLA MIS AMIGOS!!! 🙂 Soooooooo wow *sigh* this has been a weird week!!!

So Feliz Año Nuevo first of all!!! Isnt that insane that its 2014?? weird. 
Anyways, so the CCM is really great!!!! I miss Tucson a lot…. actually jk I miss my friends and family a lot. and the heat. I am ALWAYS COLD here. Thats probably just gonna be a thing for the next 18 months since Chile is cold too!!!
But anyways… its been awesome. Like I said before, My companion is amazing and I just love her!!! We are really good teachers together and the language is coming along!!! This is NOT meant to brag but our Spanish is probably the best in our class…. Everyone else just never learned Spanish so they are starting from scratch!!! Its hard to watch our district struggle though. I pray for them every night because I could not imagine not knowing a word of Spanish and then being forced to teach in it. Ahhhhh. 
OH!!! yeah!!! almost forgot!! Me and my companion got called as the Sister Training Leaders for our zone!! so thats pretty cool. We dont really know what we are doing but hey. haha
Speaking ofour district……. BLEHH i am praying a lot for charity because they are a bit hard to love sometimes. Well not all of them, but a few of the Elders just…. havent quite figured out what they are doing here and they really make the spirit leave sometimes. Its just a new challenge I did NOT expect to deal with!!! Ehh it REALLY isnt that bad though. i do like it a lot and I love our district!!!!
Well this is the worlds most boring email because we haven´t taught any investigators this week or anything, its just been a week of classes!!!! Rodrigo, our other ´´investigator´´ got ´´baptized´´ so that was cool but its just been a boringish week!!!!
Weve had some awesome speakers though and broadcasts so thats been awesome!!! AND my testimony is growing a lot. I didnt think it would but it is a TON. Its weird though. I kind of just feel like plain old Julia still. I guess ive only been here 15 days, I will change more soon Im sure!!!
OHHH one AWEOSME hilarious thing did happen!!! SO our zone was pretty freaking great before the other district left. They did this frisbee-lord ceremony…. OH MY gosh. They broke off like, huge palm leaves and took their sheets and made like… togas…. hahaha and blindfolded us and brought us in the night before they left the CCM and did this chant with a flashlight… oh gosh. i cant do it justice. hahaha and like dubbed one of our elders the Frisbee Lord….. it was great. hahahahah. good times.
ALSO. MEXICO CITY IS CRAY. AHHH okay so on  New Years… I was a rebel and just stayed up with another hermana and we went outside and partied it up. haha. But the fireworks are SO LOUD HOLLLYYY. It is just crazy oh my goodness gracious!!!! And like all this music just echoed off all the mountains… it was a PARTY hahaha well the closest thing Ive had to one here!! hahaha it was just so fun oh my goodness. New Years was great. The fireworks LITERALLY shook our house. they sound like cannons. And from Christmas to New Years they go off all day every day. Cray.
Well ahhhhh soso sosososososo sorry about the lamest email known to man!!! Its just gonna be what it is this week. It was a pretty boring one I guess!!! But I am really growing to love the gospel and learn new things about myself!! And my Spanish is improving so overall I would say this is a great experience. I like being here at the CCM but I am ready to go on my mission already 🙂 But the Lord knows all things and so this is just a good experience!!!!!!! Also… The Atonement. its REAL. Like, I just gained the strongest testimony of the Atonement and Gods love for us this week. He loves us so much it is just insane. If you ever feel like he doesnt, or your alone… you are WRONGO BONGO because he does love you so much and theres nothing you can do to stop him!! haha 
Thanks for the emails!!! Keep sending me Dear Elder letters!!! I love them all and even if I cant reply i miss you and love you all so much!!!
PS please start sending my Dear Elder letters to Chile Concepcion mission because they do NOT forward mail to Chile for me so I would love to not miss out!!! You guys are fantastic and just make me the happiest girl in the world!!! How did I get so blessed to have this many amazing friends and family??? AHHH. No Se. 
Love you all sooo much have a great week:) Hasta Luego!!!


Hermana Dunne 😀

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