Not feeling too bueno

January 9, 2014

HOLA Familia!!!!

SO AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I really really miss you guys!! i got a Dear Elder this week from Christine and one from you guys that you sent after Christmas so that was a highlight of my week!!!! Tell DATHAN TO EMAIL ME I LOST HIS EMAIL and im so happy he got his call!!! Miss that kid!!!! Thanks so much for those!! You don’t even know how happy we are when we get Dear Elders. Anyways so ALSO thanks for the pictures of my friends. I miss them SO MUCH ! I thought it wouldn’t be that hard to leave them. You guys know how much I just adored my friends so it was sad to leave them and now it is sad to see their pictures! They look so happy and stuff so I guess Im happy too 🙂
OKAY so now about me hahahah so this week…… AHHH crazy. This hasn’t been my best week so excuse me if I am kinda complainy. I don´t mean to be. So I have been pretty sick. SURPRISE SURPRISE huh??? So I got a stye on like Saturday, and that was just annoying. So we went to the clinic to get eyedrops and the next day I was just SICK. like, really bad cold or maybe flu or something. So we go back to the clinic and he just told me to get some rest, and then he looked in my ear and found an ear infection in my good ear thank goodness but still!!! NO ME GUSTA EAR INFECTIONS!!!!!!! So he gave me an antibiotic for that. The doctor told me that we could sleep in while our companions go to their classes if we really need to…. so I did that just in the morning on Monday but then I went to all my classes because I didn’t want to miss anything. But it was just… rough. I wasn’t feeling too bueno. Plus my lung started hurting SUPER bad ALL NIGHT LONG the other day…. I will keep you posted on that….
On top of it, I have had a pretty hard time with our district. Hermana Blau and I always try to be good, and our goal this week has been to be 100% obedient even if it is hard. And our district is like, the PROBLEM district. We always have obedience lectures and our lessons are a WEEK BEHIND because nobody does any work and so our teachers have to like, slow it down for everyone or they give us lectures on being obedient and everything. UGH its just rough. And on top of it there are two Elders that I REALLLLLLYYY have to pray for charity for. One of them yells at us just randomly and then like doesn’t even focus anyways. Then there is another Elder who like, always bends the rules and tries to find loopholes. He always listens to his ipod and headphones and always tries to get us to not focus and its just hard. So thats been the hardest part. Hermana Blau is NEVER a problem. I am so happy to have her.  I do love her a lot. I mean it.
And heres the sad-ish part of my week. I bet it was partly sickness but seriously, I have wanted to come home SO BAD this week. I just feel so STUPID and so BAD at spanish and so not good compared to Hermana Blau. And I just feel like I am not adequate for this and like when I get to Chile i am going to get really sick and just be cold and not be able to teach the gospel and I just really want to be a good missionary but I just AM NOT!!!!!!! Seriously. I thought I would never have these thoughts but I seriously considered just calling it quits the other day. Which is lame as heck I know.
Anyways, I promise that it did get better though. I have been praying for our district SO MUCH that they would be obedient and everything and that I would find charity for them. And yesterday, it finally happened!!! 🙂 I woke up sicker than I had been for a while and was just filled with love for our district. I just feel like a family now. It is really nice. I even love those that are hard to love, and that is a blessing from Heavenly Father believe ME. And then we had to teach a lesson as a threesome yesterday because Hermana Gamble was sick and we had her companion. It was hard but the Spirit just took it and the lesson was really really good. Our investigators are now just our teachers. And I don´t know. I was just happy because our morning teacher Hermana Uribe took us aside and told us she loves us for being examples in the district. We are just trying to be examples and guide our district in the right direction and stuff and she says our spanish is the best she’s heard in a while which I LOVE hearing because I felt so crappy and inadequate before.
But then another tender mercy: We had another lesson right afterwards yesterdaywhen I was sick and I randomly had this question about the apostasy pop into my head. So I asked my companions what they thought and then we looked up the answer and it was super random: but lo and behold the investigator asked the EXACT question in the lesson!!! So Heavenly Fatehr belssed us to be prepared.
And yet ANOTHER one that I just SO appreciated: Our night teacher Hermano Hernandez is AWESOME. We love him. But he ALWAYS gives us obedience lectures (because we need them…) and so he started getting into it last night and everyone was like… oh no…. ughhh. But then he realized that we were sick of it and started telling us this super personal story about his mission where he had to take an Elder to the airport and it was sad because he was getting sent home early, and how we NEED to be obedient because it starts a pattern…. but then as if that wasn´t enough, he told us that Elder Holland came to his mission and told them to learn English and it would help them in their lives, and he was lazy and didn’t listen and now he is so sad because he wants to be a good teacher but he didn’t obey and now he cant really communicate with us very well and he started to CRY as he was telling us this and we all started crying too… ahhhhh and it was just amazing the spirit was super strong and then our district had a perfect study session after that and everyone was just starting to do the right thing!!!
Also our elders made me a get well card and it was very sweet. So I think Heavenly Father is looking down on me and is trying to make me feel a little better 🙂 I hope so because it was a hard week but I am really excited to get better and I can see things looking up. And I have made a decision that I am NOT COMING HOME. Shout out to Christine Posvistak for her AMAZINg Dear Elder... it really inspired me on a day that I needed it most and it said the things I needed to hear more than anything.
Anyways, so I am good just a hard week. But HMA Blau and I are sitting with the latinas at meal times and sounding like idiots and a half trying to talk to them but we are trying our very best!!!! anyways!!! THAT IS IT!!!!!! I love you all and I hope you are doing fantastic. MUAH KISSES FROM MEXICO!!!!!! OLE!!
Love, Hermana Dunne (Noodle)

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