What the heck, someone please slap me!

What is up everyone!!! 🙂

So first of all I have a few shoutouts to give:
Dathan Segle…WHAT UP. So proud of you and I am so happy for you! Columbus is lucky!!
Braden Whitaker… Where are you going?? And I am so happy for you!!! Missions are awesome!!!
Christine Posvistak you are adorable and I love you so much!!!
So happy you are finally out!!!!
Cassandra Welch: your sister is in my zone and I am her sister      leader!! so i will let you know how much trouble she is 😉 Nah she is precious.
Anyways soooo WHAT IS UP!!! I had a kinda crap week last week because I was sick and stuff, but it is all good. I am not sick anymore and I am feeling pretty good. So it is making a TON of difference!!!
Anyways so I mean as far as the CCM goes… every day is pretty much the same. like we have classes, fake investigators… all that jazz. So nothing CRAZY new is happening like, with missionary work… yet. hahaha I have 12 days till CHILE!!!!! WHAT THE HECK SOMEONE PLEASE SLAP ME or something ahhhhhh!!!!!
This week here are the highlights:
So 1. We sang in front of the whole MTC, me and 4 other hermanas. it was pretty cool but I was embarrassed and I did not want to do it but they dragged me and it was a good experience.
2. I found 16 dead birds on the ground. hahah… uh…. moving on haha
3. I am writing a rap. Hahahah I will keep you posted on that…. lol
4. My nickname is noodle or abuela because im the oldest fart in our zone
5. So our district is horrible hahaha. We are literally THE WORST district in this entire MTC. One thing I will say about that is that I prayed a LOT for charity for my district, because at first I was so sick of them. And guess what?? surprise surprise… i got charity for them!! Weird how that works. We are actually all seriously best friends. We are probably too close because we are just always cracking jokes and stuff. its a good time. BUT anyways, our elders are just crazy and they steal stuff from the kitchen and they do secret night time wrestling matches AND they are just really wild and loud (okay actually i am too hahha but we all know that) AND the best part is they got this janitor to like secretly buy them crap from MExico City and smuggle it in and they pay him… AHHH they literally bought like 18 jerseys from this dude and if he gets caught he will lose his job!! Soooooo yeah trust me… we try to stop them but they cant be stopped. And our MTC pres heard about this so next week he will be sitting in on our classes. Its pretty cool. So we are tight, but we are just the worst district hahaha its a pretty crazy time.
6. Me and my comp are BESTIES with some latina girls and they are just the sweetest. I realized from them that my spanish is seriously AWFUL but they are so sweet and just adorable.
7. Um I leave for CHILE in 12 DAYS can I just please repeat that. oh my.
8. Time here is a sick twisted vortex black hole. AHHH i dont really know what to do. There is like seriously no way to measure it because it goes so fast and slow at the same time. AHHH
9. Sooo food. Its just cafeteria food, but like, Mexican cafeteria food. So pretty much gross. No me gusta. But they serve cactus like, in the style of green beans and its really good hahhaa.
Anyways, so yeah its just cool. But the highlight of the week was definitely getting close with my district and not being sick. Thank you all for your prayers, your letters, and emails. They seriously make my day. I cant even tell you. I never have any time to reply because I get so many because my friends are AMAZING and my family is too!!! I love all of you and you are the best. Anyways, check el blog for my pictures!! you are amazing and I love you all. let me just finish with my testimony because I have been growing a lot spiritually. I am really realizing my purpose as a missionary and its AWESOME!!! I love it so much and I love this gospel. Juliamish11 juliamish12 julia mish 13 juliamish15 juliamish16 juliamish3 juliamis 4 juliamish5 Dead bird
Yo se que el Evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero y yo se que Jose Smith es un profeta. En mi corazon yo se la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los ultimos dias is el solo iglesia de la verdad. En el nombre de jesucristo, Amen.
That spanish was awful. but anyways there it is. love you all. peace out.
OH.. you can see more pictures under the Mission Pictures Page!!!!

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