Heading to CHILE!!!

Hola friends and family!!!! :)) 
Shoutout tooooo… Braden Whitaker!! Congrats on your call!! I heard you are going to Kansas?? That is awesome. You will kill it out there. Also… Thank you to everyone who wrote me Dear Elders this week it was so nice to get mail!!! I miss you all terribly but I am LOVING it here in the CCM!! I leave here in T-minus 4 days!!! Ahhh!!!! I am heading to Chile on Monday night at 7:30 pm and I get there the next day at 2 pm their time…… hahahah I did the math and its a 15 hour flight!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! So flippin nervous and scared and excited ahhhhhh!!! I started packing up all my junk and strangely it is all fitting and so thats kind of weird… remember mom how it took us like 9 tries?? hahaha anyways its all good.
Sooooo the big moment of the week was…… I had to go to the doctor!! In Mexico City!!! I got xrays and blood tests done. So dont freak out Mom and Dad….. basically what happened was this. I have been SUPER sick as you know… with like a flu or something weird. Its been a SUPER big bummer if you know me at all… just because I am always sick and I had to wait to get better so I am not a fan of being sick still…. But anyways.
Do you remember back when I was in Idaho before I got valley fever and I was similarly sick… for a similarly long period of time? Yeah. And I had “pink eye” up in Idaho…. and here I had a stye and my eye stung really bad…? Well I didnt really put two and two together until I started coughing a lot and then my chest just HURT. SO BAD. Like it KILLED!!! and it got really bad last week and was just so painful. We were walking to church and I got like stabbed with pain in my chest and I couldnt breathe. It was scary. So we went to the doctor and he sent us to Mexico City for some x rays and blood tests!! AHHH!!! Well long story short, it came back totally normal. He thinks I just have a bad flu or cold or something. And actually, soon after that, our district all caught whatever this sickness is. So its not like, JUST me. But all of those things put together, plus the fact that my chest has been in pain for like 2 weeks REALLY scared me. But heres the spiritual part. My branch president gave me a blessing and told me to take care of myself. and it was super sweet and he blessed me with health and said that miracles can happen!!! It was really sweet because I thought a lot about the blessing of health I got in my setting apart, and the one my dad just got recently, and then the blessing of health I got FROM my dad before I left. And I even had an elder in my district give me a blessing of health too. LOTS of blessings, I know. But I think that I just needed to have a little more faith and really try to push through it and get better. So I did!! And I am not perfect but I am getting a lot better! I will hopefully be healthy in Chile. And even if not, I think I know how to handle it now 🙂 but it was a fun crazy week. And it was cool to leave the CCM 😉
But also… shout out to my compañera Hermana Blau!!! She is amazing. She puts up with me SO WELL oh my goodness. She is so patient and kind and just a joy to be with. She is happy and smiley and loves Spanish! And she is amazing at Spanish too! She taught our class this week about some difficult concepts and it was really helpful. I also know that it is hard to be companions with someone who is sick so I commend her on her patience with me and kindness because i require a LOT…. hahaha. She is adorable though. I love her and we are best friends! Her dad wrote me a Dear Elder this week and it was really sweet. Anyways. Thats Hermana Blau for you!
Anyways soooo another cool thing that happened this week- One of our sweet Hermanas was just a sweetheart when I was sick this week. I am always cold and it was just miserable being sick and cold at the same time. but she prayed for me to be warm and to not have to worry about freezing all the time… and now I am SO warm all the time. Like I am never having to worry about being cold or having to LITERALLY wear my blanket to class…. never. it has been so nice and I know that this is kind of a weird experience, but I thought it was sweet of her and Heavenly Father DOES answer prayers!! I mean that meant a lot to me because I really am miserable when I am cold. So it was really sweet.
Anyways ummm lets see. Boring stuff…… boring stuff. We said goodbye to our latina friends! They are sweeties and they helped me feel less scared to have a latina companion in Chile.
And we taught our “investigators” for the last time!! I am really not the best teacher but I try my best and Hermana Blau is a blessing and a half for me!! she helps so much when I don`t know what to say. I am learning the lessons now and it is really cool. I am realizing I knew the gospel before I came out… but I really did NOT KNOW the gospel. Does that make sense?? I didnt study it this thouroughly EVER. 
Our district… sigh. They are good elders. They really are. I am starting to become really close with most of them and the few that are left… well… they are good elders too. But it was really sad. Our teachers (who are seriously AMAZING OH MY HECK!!!) told us that they prayed to leave our district!! they cried about us to our president, and just could not handle it at all and I guess… we just have some really defiant elders in our district that are rude and loud and disobedient. Kind of like what I have said over and over about them hahahah. But anyways the good part of that was that they THEN told us that they decided they needed to be with our district for a certain reason and they now love us and defend us to teachers that do not like us and its really nice. Honestly we arent THAT bad. We just have those few that make it hard for the rest of us. But anyways. So that was nice.
Hm. We had a devotional in TOTAL 100 percent Spanish and I understood probably 80% of it!!! Well… when I paid attention. (not that I didnt!! ….but not that I always did… haha) But yeah it was really exciting. I think that it is a shock to the system when you realize you can understand a different language. I am not actually that good at spanish but I can hold basic conversations and I feel like if I really needed to get my point across to someone I could do that. I understand a LOT so that is something I appreciate!!! I am bummed at myself for being sick because in all honestly I havent really given my 100% self because I just havent had the energy. But in what I have tried to do here, I am proud of myself and I am thankful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with the understanding to really get this Spanish in my head!!!
Also I love latinos. Meaning boys and girls hahahah I really do though. I think I am going to love Chile. I am so scared and so excited and I have a lot of emotions right now!!! Ahh!!! It is going to be crazy.
Okay well lets see. Biggest thing I learned spiritually this week: probably Faith and Works. Okay seriously I realized that you can NOT just “have faith”. Like, that will get you only so far, is what I mean. If you really have faith, you will put your faith to the test and actually act on it. Like when I was sick. I believed Heavenly Father could heal me, but it wasnt until I actually realized the other half of the spectrum. I needed to take more medicine, go to bed earlier, maybe take a nap if i needed it, be obedient, go to the doctor, bundle up more, and like actually do things in order for Heavenly Fathers blessings to come through. And I saw that he blessed me and my companion when I did that, so that was awesome.
Anyways. Thank you all for writing me this week!!! I think when I actually get out into the field I will have a lot of stories that are better hahah. Sorry for the monotony of the CCM!! Here is my new and improved Spanish testimony: And I promise I am not looking at anything!! 😉
Yo se que Padre Celestial es amoroso y quiere nosotros ser feliz en nuestras vidas. Si nos seguiramos sus mandamientos y tratamos hacer buenas cosas, nosotros sera bendicido. Si nosotros tenemos fe en Jesucristo y Su Expiacion, y hacer las cosas que la fe requieran, nosotros seramos feliz y Padre Celestial sera orgulloso. Yo se que este Evangelio es verdadero y el Libro de Mormon es la verdad. Digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Hermana Dunne 😀

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