Mi Primera Semana

I am so so so so sorry for everyone that i cant reply to. I have no time and my companion keeps talking to me. Anyways OH MY HECK this is crazy.
Sooooo Chile!!!
  Julia and Hermana Blau heading to CHILE!!!
Julia and her President Arrington and his wife after a LOOONNNNGGGG flight.
My companion is Mexicana!! So that is awesome because I learned Mexican Spanish and I can kind of talk to her!! she knows no English, and we live alone with a member soooooooo that has been interesting.
Hermana Dunne and Hermana Najera
PREGUNTA. if any of you went on missions… specifically in south america… or are on missions… HOW THE HECK DID YOU DO IT?????? omg this is SO HARD!!!! I have had to hold back tears like every single day multiple times!!!!!  ahhhhh.
Anyways. Also— Tucsonians… I met Elder Stewart and he is great. We are friends!!
Anyways okay so the juicy stuff!!!!
First of all thank you everyone for praying for me in the MTC and just in general. and for caring about me. I havent been sick since I got here and I am feeling healthy!! So thats awesome.
It was really hard to leave the CCM!! I wish I had appreciated it more. The people there are like my family and I miss them terribly. Sooo shoutout to all of you guys from Distrito 10 A! Miss you.
Okay so I got to Chile and got my new companera!! Then we had to walk with all my suitcases for like 3 miles home haha. it was funny because some guy was outside and asked us if we wanted water and we were like HECK YES and so he brought us SODA WATER -_- haha they literally only drink that here. water with carbonation. its pretty nast but I just put it in my water bottle and shake it up and let the air out until it tastes semi nasty hahaha.
Anywas so we live with a member in a house… and its not nice or gross its just normal. I love my companion though. She is really patient with me and she tells me all the time that I am good at Spanish hahaha so shes a great liar 😉
But yeah soooo the food here is… interesting. We were really upfront and honest with the ward and the bishop and said Hey, I am allergic to wheat and wheat flour… and I have IBS so i can’t eat super large portions. I am milking that second part for ALL I got because they feed us SO much here. And its nasty. I have been so blessed though because honestly this week I prayed so hard over the food and the food ended up being pretty bearable. Usually they put mayo on rice with pickles and pumpkin and vinegar….. it is SERIOUSLY gag-worthy. for me anyways. But a mini miracle happened- I was praying and fasting yesterday for the food and then our lunch was the most delicious thing I have eaten since I got here. So God loves us and is thinking about us 🙂
If you want to pray for me in anything, please pray for me with the food. It is so hard. ughh. Sooo so hard. My homesickness and all that will go away but the food won’t hahaha.
Anyways… so random dudes ALWAYS yell stuff at me and whistle and call me Muneca (barbie) All the time. Oh my heck. it is a problem. My poor companion. I know that it’s just the blonde hair hahahah but she thinks shes ugly and that is just sad 😦 because it isn’t true. I just look different than everyone else. So thats fun.
uhhhm lets see. okay. Mission stuff:
There is a recent convert that is awesome. He’s this old guy named Manuel who is the sweetest EVER. Oh my goodness. And we always have lessons with him and this less active family who are HILARIOUS oh my heck!!!! i love them. They are the cutest. So they bring some light to my days when I’m sad.
Family Home Evening game stacking matches on an empty bottle.
Well our ward is small but AMAZING. We have members go with us almost every day to proselyte. It’s hard to tract and knock doors but its getting easier. I can understand a little less than half of what people say if I listen closely. The other times I just sleep hahahahha.
Ummm so we have two investigators that I am excited about. One is a lady named Alicia and we gave her a baptismal date yesterday!!! She has a lot of family problems so it’s going to be interesting. But shes a sweetie. Also we have a couple who is actually married!! Which is a big deal. And the husband can be a preacher in his church in a few weeks so I think that is going to stop him from wanting to change churches but we will work more with them. Anyways, the members are who I love. I want to work more with less actives but my companion says otherwise. I love her though and I think she has reasons for what she does. So I am just going to go with it until I understand more.
AAANNNDDD Today we went to the beach!!!!! WOOO PLAYA!!! it was super fun. our zone is really cool and we played frisbee and volleyball. it was way fun.
Anyways, tiempo es ahora!!! 🙂
Love you all and seriously. Thank you all for writing me!! love you all so much!!! Ciao!!! 🙂
ps—- if any of you are about to go on missions (maybe to chile hermana howe!!) then just remember that God is with you and be super patient with yourself!! It is so hard at first!!!! But you can do it!!
Si se puede!
Hermana Dunne 😀

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