I’m Fat ha ha!!

Hahahah okay not yet but I’m going to be!!! Hahah seriously the food here is SO GREASY and I can’t even help it. But yeah, if any future men out there were waiting for me (ha what a joke) hhahahaha jokes on you because I’m bout ta weigh like 300 pounds

Aannnyyywwayyyyss HOLA everyone!!! Wooo yeah sooo life in Chile. Crazy. 

Last week honestly just sucked but it was my first week so I will give myself that privilege 🙂 But here i am!! And in two days will be my 2 month mark WOO!!! Anyways, so that’s crazy. 
This week was a lot better 🙂 as far as like, general stuff goes… The church in Chile is SO DIFFERENT than in America. We do like, everything in the ward. We do all the activities, inviting people, and just everything in general. It’s hard but we are making it. 
Also.. sidenote… a lot of people are way creepers here. Everyone always makes comments and such to me in Spanish… its awk. But whatevss!!!
Anyways so this week we had some CRAZY stuff happen!!
Our investigator Karen came to church with her daughter!! She is progressing and we are pretty set for her baptism on March 1!! So pray for her. Our recent convert Manuel ‘ show but we are trying!! CRAZY story: So we met this kid the other day named Felipe and we keep going to his house and he’s never there. Anyways so on our way to church he like wanders up to us on the street and is totes high. But my companion asked him to come to church with us. So he sat with us and took the sacrament but then walked out into the hall and started crying… we went out there and brought the elders quorum president with us and Felipe just lets loose about how he has so many drug addictions (and he’s only 16!!!) and how he wants to change and all this stuff. So today we are going to teach him…. idk. It’s going to be hard because his family is just a wreck. But yeah so that was wild. Pray for him!!!
We taught a lesson to a less active and he was literally in his boxers the whole time. hahahah. Ewwww. I seriously sat there laughing for like 5 minutes it was so funny. Ahhh ummmm lets see. We had a really cool lesson with this guy who is an ex preacher and I almost cried and honestly the gift of tongues is real because I said stuff i didn’t know how to say and then forgot it all afterwards!! His name is juan and he was SUPER receptive and open. 
Anyways not a ton of time but thank you everyone for your emails and everything!!!! Seriously I died laughing reading some of your emails!! All is well in CONCEPCION!!! Miss you all and one day we will see each other again!! 
Love Hermana Dunne!! 

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