Water your grass

Water Your Grass
HOLA!!!! Okay so seriously ESTA SEMANA FUE LOCA. Honestly.
So basically the highlights:
SOOOO we had a newbie training for two days and that was so fun!! I got to see Hermana Blauzie from the CCM and that was nice 🙂
Julia and her MTC companion Hermana Blau at a Sister’s conference
I learned a lot and it was just really nice.
But yeah so the day after that….
Saying goodbye to Hermana Najera!!
Yeah and I was TERRIFIED! Because seriously I don’t know anything and I don’t know our sector or the members or ANYTHING and my new comp is a gringa!!!!
BUUUUTTT… as sad as that was… my new comp is Hermana TAYLOR from utah and she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!!!
Julia and her new companion Hermana Taylor
So yeah I totally apologize for before. I was such a downer for a while but now I have a new excitement for the work and we are ready to GIT ER DONE. seriously. we are going to kill this sector. We have a lot of goals for everything and its going to be SICK!!! We got this. My comp is going to help us get whipped into shape here in Barrio Norte!!!
Also so we are literally twins. Like, Hermana Taylor and I share a birthday, we are both gluten intolerant, we worked at Farmers before the mish, and we have the same shoes hahaha. But really though its pretty cool.
It’s going to be awesome. I am so pumped to be a missionary.
Also, I realized another reason why I wanted to come on a mish!!! I want to be a good member missionary after this. Like not just a member, but a member missionary!!!
Anyways so I know this is short but seriously not much happened due to the transfer and my conference.
All our investigators lost their fechas. (dates for baptism) but we are gonna get em.
Its cool.
SOOO my advice to all of you: Please please help the missionaries in your ward!! Fellowship people!! Like seriously go out of your way to help investigators and less actives because you are as if not more important than missionaries. Members are the key so be awesome.
Also I have a cool quote that I made up myselllfffff…. wooo.
There is no such thing as “greener grass“… you just have to water yours. 
hahah im pretty proud of that.
Anyways I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS I found out that letters only take 3 weeks to maybe a month to get here and packages 4 to 5 weeks!!! SO SEND MEEEE STUFFFFF i had a lot of stuff waiting for me this week so i know it gets here!!! send me things!! love you all!!!! have a fantastic week.
Thanks to all of you that have sent me letters and dear elders and stuff.
Grandma Pat I got your valentine and thank you so much!!! Love you!!
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dennis le extraño mucho!!!! Gracias por la carta!!!! it was super sweet and made my day!! I got it on Valentines day too so it was perfecto!!!! Miss you!!!!
Love you all!
and some yummmyyyy papas fritas DANG those things are good.

Hermana Dunne 😀

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