We have fleas here so that bites. 

……hahahahahha I’m hilarious
But really though it’s so gross!!! We live with pulgas my friends. They sleep in my bed all day and then feast on my flesh at night!! AHHGJFAHFJE

But its all good I love it!!! 🙂
Anyways but really!! Hola everyone!!! Tomorrow I hit my 10 week mark!! Which means I have been in Chile for a month!!! Crazy. 

But yeah so heres the good stuff first:
We are trying to be escalator missionaries!! So that means that we are trying to make sure that we work through members and bring people unto Christ constantly. LIke constantly finding people to teach rather than working alone just as the two of us and bringing a few people to Christ and then working to find more later. It’s slower and harder but better in the end. 
This week we had a really cool experience with fasting. We had a hard first three or so days. Like, we didn’t know anything and it was just difficult. But we decided to fast and right after that we had members calling US to go out and teach with us!! That does NOT happen!! People do not ever call us here and ask to come with us to teach investigators. So that was a blessing. And we found more people to teach. It was really cool. 
Another cool experience happened!!! There was a lady named Olga who was old and super sweet. She was leaving her house and we asked to come in and she said no. But we walked around the corner and found her standing there a few minutes later and she said you know what? I feel like you should come in. So we sang her a hymn and had a cool lesson with her!! Then yesterday, we went to her house and were yelling “alo” outside her door as us Chileans do 🙂 She opened her door a few minutes later and let us in and told us that she actually just had been cooking and felt this feeling to open her door!! She didnt even know we were there!!! SO that was ROCKIN our socks my friend. We will see where that goes. 
Some weird stuff: 
Yesterday this little kid was running and fell and like just broke his arm right in front of us!!! AHH and I was like, oh my heck what do I do? So I just went over and just like patted his head and was just like talking to him and stuff until his parents came and then his dad lifted him up by his ARMS AHHH and he was like screaming bloody murder… ahhhh that was sad haha
Then this dog got hit by a car right in front of us and it was SO SAD because it was all hurt and dying and was just freaking out in the middle of the road and like having a seizure and running around. It was sad. 
Other stuff: 
My comp is a BOSS. She is the coolest. I love her so much. We are legitimately twins!!! We always sing together as we are walking. Sometimes I think we talk about home too much and get distracted. So we are working on that but she is awesome!!!
This week was really good and really hard for me. I am learning that I really have to be careful about not getting too distracted or getting my mind off the mission or I will get sad and lose the Spirit FAST. I think I’m just super sensitive to the Spirit and things that aren’t a big deal to others are big deals for me. But yeah last night I just felt this EVIL presence in our house. It legit made me so scared I couldn’t sleep 😦 It was so sad and I just prayed all night and it didn’t go away but this morning I just made a goal to really focus on the work and try to be a better missionary so that I never have to feel that gross feeling again. 
Anyways, I think next week will be more exciting!! Sorry for the lack of excitement and photos!! But yeah. Things. 
You are all awesome. I seriously love each and every one of you. 
Thank you for being my friends and family!! I couldn’t have gotten any more blessed than I am!! I dont deserve you all!!!
Love Hermana Dunnnneeee
–healthy chilean french fries YO 

Some guy sells his stuff using this horse to pull his wagon.

Maybe this is where the fleas came from??? ha ha
Random slide for stairs at this house.
Trash in the street… gross!!

Hermana Dunne 😀

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