Hola !!

Okay so want me to try out my Español on you guys real fast?? Tell me si pueden entender. K entonces. Esta semana fue SUPER RAPIDISIMO. OH my. No se donde fue el tiempo. Pero fue MUY BIEN 🙂 Senti mucho mas mejor y mi compañera es mi mejor amiga, de verdad!!! Ella es super buena. Okay done with Spanish. But really just in general… I am feeling a lot happier. It’s all about attitude on the mission. Thanks for everything!!! 

We have 2 investigators that are going to get baptized! Tays is a 13 year old girl who has fecha for the 15th!! She is probably going to get baptized but we are just a little worried because she is young and only has a brother who is a member but her family is a little bit crazy and we aren’t sure if she is going to have support in the family. We don’t want to baptize just to get in-actives right after. That’s how it always goes here. So we are fasting and praying for her. 



Also… KAREN!! She is totally getting baptized on the 22nd. She is seriously amazing. And one way we know that is by the fact that when we finally got her back doing the lessons with us and she was going strong. Satan attacked and she got robbed of EVERYTHING she has. She is already broke. She just seriously has nothing at all. So we hooked her up with the employment services in the church but seriously, Satan only attacks the strong ones that should get baptized. Anyways so she is totally getting baptized. It’s going to be awesome. She is so strong. So pray for them!!!!


And yeah I just also was homesick a lot this week but more because like, I am missing your lives and stuff!! It’s hard. But it’s okay!! I gained a testimony of the plan of salvation because I was thinking like, dang, I never want to feel like this for eternity!!  When I feel homesick and miss you guys, that’s what people without the temple and without being sealed will feel!! SAD!! We have to share with EVERYONE!!!!


I love you all and I hope that you are doing well! I have no time so I will try to send a few pictures!! WE got to go to the beach again!!!  Some of these are our cute members here!!! Our ward rocks!!! Chile is the best!!!  




Hermana Dunne and Hermana Taylor with members of her ward. Aileen Hernandez.


 Hermana Dunne and Aileen Hernandez



Hermana Dunne and Hermana Taylor


(Other pictures posted under Mission Pictures Tab!!!!) 

Random Chile facts:

We take the bus EVERYWHERE.  I know Chilean money so well now. Pesooossss

  • People say the words po or pu at the end of like everything and they have the cutest accent. It’s so funny. I’m going to come home with a cute accent I hope!!
  • Dogs. literally always
  • A man grabbed me this week trying to kiss me!!! hahaha it was so scary I just pushed him away. Men here are always drunk and yelling at us on the street.
  • We cant flush toilet paper. So you do THAT MATH…. hahahah 
  • Fleas. in our beds.
  • Spiders. in our beds
  • Mold. all the time
  • Laughing at everything!!! 


Okay so i will write yall later!!! Miss you all. Loveeeee you 


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