Our First Baptism!!!

This week was crazy but we are having SO much success in our sector. I don’t really know why because I feel like I could be doing so much better in so many things, but for some reason the Lord is wanting to bless us!!!! 
So Tays is getting baptized on Saturday!! WOO!!! She is awesome and has flipped a 180. She used to not even care about the church or our messages but now she invites her friends to church and is happy and soooo excited about the gospel and her baptism. It’s going to be “bacan” as we say down here. But yeah so here’s how it went down: Tays brought her brother to church AND her mom. And right after church, her mom asked us to write her name in our agenda and start teaching her. THEN she asked if she could get baptized NEXT week!!! uh… YES!!!!!! 
So now we have Tays on Saturday and her mom the next Saturday. We will see what happens but still. It’s CRAZY. My first BAPTISM!!!! 🙂 Yay!! I am so happy for Tays. I just hope she can stay strong. 
 Hermana Dunne and Tays
Then we have Karen. I love her so much. She is just amazing. She is a really strong woman and she’s actually super young too! We found out she’s only like early 20s. She’s really cool. But we keep having to push back her date because stuff keeps happening on Sundays and she can’t come to church. Satan always works on the good ones though so we aren’t giving up on her. 
But lets see. WE HAD THE WEIRDEST LESSON this week oh my heck! We went to an appointment at this guy’s house who was pretty cool when we met him. We walked in and his mom took us into a church that was like abandoned and in his backyard… yeah. no se. Anyways so we go in the church and start talking to her and she is VERY drunk. She starts like telling us that Jesus is her husband and that she loves us and that we should marry her son and… yeah i didn’t understand like half of the stuff she said anyways but it was weird. Anyways so the guy we actually wanted to visit came in and was pretty chill but just talked a lot. So we are like trying to talk to him in between his mom’s like crazy rants and then HIS crazy rants… and then. his grandpa busts in the door. His grandpa legit is 106 years old PO. I’m not even kidding! The man was deaf and blind and he hobbles over to the podium and starts praying… or well yelling in 106-year-old-man-spanish and it was crazy. THIS WENT ON FOR 2 HOURS ahhhhhhhhh. Oh the mish. 
Yeah so that happened!!! Life is so good though. 
I can officially say for the first time that I love being a missionary!!! I am staying in my area with my comp for another transfer!! WOOO! Also we had an awesome conference with a member of the Seventy this week. It was fantastic. 
Plus EVERYONE go read 3 Nephi 10-11. it is just awesome Look for the ways that the Spirit answers us and look for all the ways that the Lord loves us. It is just crazy. Love you all!!! Have a FANTASTIC WEEK!!! 
I am praying for you!!!
Plus a shoutout to all of you who sent me 15 dear elder letters they made my life!!!
Hermana Dunne
Hermana Dunne’s house in Chile. She is living with a member family.

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