Walk Like A Mormon

Thats right. So apparently Camine como un Mormona ( walk like a mormon) is a phrase down here haha. So that’s AWESOME. 

This post isn’t going to be super long because this week was kind of crazy. I was sick a lot and I just want to say thank you to everyone for your prayers and concern and such…. I think every mission is hard in a different way and this is just the way I need to grow!!! So I can do it. Heavenly Father will help me!! 
Anyways AHH so we flipping had a BAPTISM!!!! WOO!!! It was awesome Tays was so cute and she waved at everyone when she came up out of the water!! haah CUTE. 
We are still working with their family. They are the best. 
Also… our best friend here made us a GLUTEN FREE CAKE she is THE BEST!!! Like what the heck?? that is SO nice. She is so sweet. We just went to visit her and she gave us a cake. Oh my heck. Yeah we ate it in like a day lol. 
But honestly this week was kind of blah. I wish I had more crazy stories but I was just sick a lot of the time!!! Bummmmerrrrr…. yeah I know. 
But sorry for the short email. this week was just full of the work ya know?? 
Anyways, nos vemos!! Love you all!! 🙂 



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