Soooo this week was officially my hardest in the mission!!!! 

Seriously though. This week was really rough, but I really felt the hand of the Lord too. 
Heads up for everyone who is wondering, I finally am starting to feel healthy!!! My mission president gave me extra money and I cook all my own meals and now I am seriously like just feeling SO much better 🙂 Thank you for all your prayers for me!! I am finally feeling really good healthwise!!
My companion is sick now!! 😦 Pobrecita. She seriously has the EXACT same tummy problems that I have so its really sad for her. We had to stay in a lot this week so that was a bummer too. 
But the reason it was so hard was because SATAN is real dude!!!!!
Satan really wanted us to stay in and not work. And trust me. When you do stay in and not work, you just feel like crap. Seriously.
So that made us just not on our game :/ 
But the WORST DAY. we decided to just push through it and work even if she felt sick, and EVERY single person we talked to started arguing with us! And it was really hard and making us really angry and not having the spirit. So I asked Hermana T if we could say a prayer for the spirit, and we did but it was still hard to talk to all these people that were just against us. GRRRR.
But anyways so at 7:30 we had promised an investigator that we would go with him to his church if he came to ours. But of course that was planned on the WORST day! The last thing we wanted to do was go to this guy’s church where all these argumentative people were going to be.
It ended up not being HORRIBLE. Our investigator is a REALLY nice, sweet guy and he was really kind to us and the people in the church were really nice, but it was so sad to see how pepole in other churches are close to the truth but they just DONT have the spirit! Seriously!!! My testimony of the Spirit grew sooooooo much when I was there. The people were just singing super loudly and praying really loudly and it was just loud and hot in that church. I was reading the Book of Mormon this week and in 3 Nephi it talks about how we are NOT supposed to pray like the hypocrites so that men can hear us… thats what I felt like it was. Just to show everyone how loud you can yell and how ”strongly” you feel the spirit by how loud you yell. AHHHGHGHHG.
The other part was that all the men in the church were kissing our cheeks and they are NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT… they just wouldnt take no for an answer. So we just had to let them. UGH it was just poooop.
And we got home that night just feeling AWFUL!!!
BUT. The happy part of my week was SUnday!!!! :):) We got to take the Sacrament and be back in our church where we felt super comfortable and peaceful and happy!!! 🙂 it was really nice 🙂 The Sacrament is SO amazing!!! 
Everyone!! Please dont take advantage of the Sacrament!!! Seriously! It is an amazing opportunity that the Lord has given us through his sacrifice to START OVER. Like we are able to repent and start over completely new!!! It is amazing. I beg you to use the sacrament to its fullest potential. It is one of the amazing gifts of our church and our gospel that other people do NOT have! We are so privileged to have it 🙂
Anyways so more moments of this week: We had to drop Karen :(:(:( i WAS SO SAD. She just isn’t progressing and it made me so sad because I love her! But we had to do it. Also, Juan the preacher is coming to church and LOVING IT! AHHH!!! I think he is going to get baptized. He is a really amazing guy!!!! Please pray for him! HE is awesome and has an amazing desire to learn and get close to Christ. 
Hahahahah funny moment this week: Tays’ brother Javier is HILARIOUS. I love that family so much. They are WHACKKK man. Hahah they are flippin hilarious. But seriously he just asked us to take a picture of him by this brick wall for no reason. It was so funny. And we were walking with him to an appointment and he started singing this love song that he wants to sing to his future wife one day… like he was BELTING it. hahah it was SO FUNNY. He is a good kid but he is just a little strange. Hes a good guy though. hahaha. 
But yeah!!! If I have learned anything on my mission it is that the recognition of men is NOT important. My companion and I have been thinking about this a lot this week. Like, think about the WASTE of time we spend thinking about what Other people think of us. How our pictures look on Instagram,  how funny our tweets are and if we get so many retweets or likes…. how nice our clothes are…. all of that stuff. We literally DO things with our friends just to have pictures for Instagram or Facebook, rather than just enjoying ourselves for the sake of enjoying ourselves. IT all stems from pride!!! It is so hard to not have pride in this world, but it is soooo prevalent in the world today. I just invite all of you to try your best to identify the pride in your life and try a little harder this week to get rid of those things. I am going to do it with you!!! 🙂 I was reading about the destruction of the Nephites this week and serously…. any time people are destroyed or lose the guidance of the spirit it is when they stop caring about what God cares about and start caring about the world and what other people think!! IT DOESNT MATTER!!! 🙂 In the words of Herman aTaylor…. if you are good with God then you are good. Anyone elses opinion LITERALLY does not matter. 🙂 And isnt that cool?? We can be SOO much happier… so much FREER when we let go of the bondage of the recognition of men. 
Anyways theres my super missionary-ish rant for you 🙂 I love you all and I hope you had an amazing week and have an even better one! I really do love you and so does our Heavenly Father!!! 🙂
Ciao Foto!!!! 🙂 Hermana Dunne 🙂
These are our zone hermanas!!!
Shoutout to Aileen Hernandez for getting us gluten free noodles and gluten free cupcakes!Image
She’s a boss. Shes so sweet!!! We love her! And there is Javier… Tays brother!! Love you
”Missionary work is the blood of the church, and we just gotta PUMP IT” -Hermana Taylizzle



Hermana Dunne 😀


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