Man on the street!

Sooooo ahhh
Guess what?? I was walking along in Concepcion on Pday and this guy came up to us and was like… “Hermana Dunne”?? and I was like…. “…hey….hi…?… OH HEYYY!!!” It was Obispo Sepulveda!! This guy who served with my parents on their mission just recognized me off the street and we took this picture with him!! how cool is that?? it was cool. And shout out to mom and dad- he told me you guys are amazing people and were amazing missionaries so he is very proud of you 🙂 
Anyways so that was cool. But we had a tad bit of a hard week this week!! It is starting to get cold and cloudy and gray so that got us down. And on Friday we just had a tough day because we werent feeling so great about working. But we did it anyways and Heavenly Father sent us a bunch of people who were really nice to us and we ran into like all of the coolest members we know and they were all just so sweet. I for one needed that. They listened to me blab about my family and show pictures and stuff and we hung out at the bishops house for a lesson and he is SO FUNNY!!! So that cheered me up too. Then Tays and her brother Javier were dancing in the street afterwards so that was just flippin funny. I love that family.
The next day though… GAH. 
It was raining ALL day and hard. And I dont have rainboots and my coat is not waterproof I just found out…….. so we wernt out to work and I just got SOAKED. And I was borrowing these peoples rainboots and they had HOLES in them!!! So my feet got filled with water!! 😦 And we were just so sad that day. At least I was.
But we were fasting to find people to teach and we were literally walking in the pouring rain and nobody was around. And then we miraculously knocked on this one door and the SWEETEST lady let us in and let us dry off and gave us hot chocolate and we taught her an amazing lesson. It was really cool. That was a cool moment. Heavenly Father really blessed our fast. Then on Sunday… we had FOUR investigators in church!!! And they are all interested and are coming to conference!!!!!!!
Speaking of…… CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like flippin field day for missionaries. I am SO EXCITED I cant even tell you. I just want to listen to the Prophetssss!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
EVERYONE go watch the Mormon Message with the british guy and an owl. I dont know what its called but if you find it, its amazing. It helps me and Hermana Taylor a lot and we love it. Shoutout to Eder Berry for all those sweet CDs of Mormon Messages…..
And CONFERENCE!!!!! no I didnt get to watch the womans session but the real thing is this weekend and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! Prophets of God are speaking to us!!! I dont know why it wasnt such a big deal to me before!!!! But just love conference. eVery minute of it okay???
My advice to you all is to just please try to be doing everything you can to do what God wants. There aren’t always rules that lay out black and white how we should live our lives, but we have the Spirit to pull us out of that gray area. If we are doing things that make the Spirit leave, we just have to change them. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland told us in the MTC to “get rid of our favorite sins”…. and yeah thats hard to hear… ouch. But really our favorite sins are the ones that ruin us because they stick around. So just pray for ways to let go of those sins!!!!
But that was kind of our week!!! My testimony has really grown this week though. I have never been able to say this, but I finally know that the Book of Mormon is TRUE. I got a really strong spiritual confirmation of that this weeek so I just want you all to know that I know that book is true and I can NOT ever deny it!!! I want the whole world to know it!!!
I love this gospel and I love our Savior and that is my testimony!!! Love you all!!!!! 
Hermana Dunne 

My favorite colored house in Chile!!
Hermana Taylor making us a nice warm fire!!

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