I Don’t Know A Lot About Rappin, But I’m Bout To Tell Yall Whats Been Happenin

”Holaaaaa friends. 🙂

So shout out to Dathan, Grandma Pat and President Polley for sending letters this week and I got TWO packages today too!!! WOOO Thank you so much!!!! I don’t think a single person on earth knows how much that was needed……. 🙂
Also random thing… is it just me or was Sister Strickland in Mo Tab? hahahah just randomly noticed her singing in the choir during conference…?
But yeah this week PHEW. I just need to breathe…. 
We had a hard week. 
But it was okay!! My comp just had a really rough week and was pretty sick and we couldn’t work this week 😦 it made her feel awful so I just felt bad for her.
Hermana Taylor resting and playing the Uke!
Made yummy potato soup like a boss!!
But that happened and so it was just a BLESSING when conference came around. 
But yeahh!!!! So fun stories:
I had a SUPER romantic moment with this man on the street. He was like 70 and super drunk. He came up asking for money as we were waiting for the bus and we gave him a passalong instead. I told him God loved him and then he almost fell on me trying to kiss me!! It was SUPER cute. I almost had my first kiss in Chile woooo! 🙂 I think I might be in love. My comp saved me though she grabbed him and pushed him off and told him to Vaya por alla. (or…. go away.)
Then after conference another guy came up to us and started like grabbing our arms and he wouldn’t let us go. He was grabbing our hair and stuff and he was really drunk too. But this guy from the church came up and was like Hey… we have a problem?? and just made the guy leave and it was really cool. He was a legit guy and his daughter is on a mission in Madi’s mission in Ecuador!! 🙂
Anyways so that was super romantic 🙂 be jeaaallllouuusss. ❤
So this was a weird day. we were chillin’ on this bench cutting out invitations to conference and these cops came and stood outside of a house with like rifles…. and then at the same time this guy with flippin OXEN pulling a cart came down the road…. flip
But yeah!!!!
So Conference was definitely the highlight of my week though… because honestly me and Hermana Taylor were both feeling really bummed out about a lot of things and it was really rough the past week or two. Plus I just was feeling like I wasn’t a good missionary and stuff. But I took 7 questions to conference and ALL of them were answered!!! I encourage all of you if you haven’t already done it to take questions you may have about life or the gospel and look over your notes in conference or just re-watch the sessions and ALL of your questions will be answered!! I promise. 
It was a really uplifting conference though. Was it just me or did Boyd K. Packer almost do like a “goodbye” talk?? That was sad. And one of the other apostles looked like he lost a LOT of weight. He looked sick. That was a bummer too. But I LOVED conference. My favorite talks were…. ALL of them. But I loved Holland’s talk about standing strong for our beliefs even if they aren’t popular. Ifd you think about it… Jesus was NEVER the popular one. But he never once gave into what is popular or what people thought. So just if you feel like you are standing alone when you are doing the right thing… you MIGHT BE!!!! But that is not bad. That just means you are standing with Christ 🙂 
But I learned So many things this conference I cant even begin to share. I just had this overwhelming feeling that we need to be good people and try to work harder because this life is our “4 minutes”!!! We only have this short little blip of time here on earth to prove to Heavenly Father where the heck our priorities are. So lets Prove it to him that HE is our priority!!! 🙂 
Walking Home from Conference!
With the Amazing Aileen!!
Another story: After conference yesterday we were walking to find a house and someone called us into their house. It was this older lady and we went in to find her husband just crying with pain. He was sitting crumpled up in a chair just with pain all over his whole body. The doctors wont give him any pain medicine because he has Parkinsons and I don’t know what that has to do with anything but basically the poor guy was suffering. 😦 I almost cried with him because he was just crying and praying out loud to the Lord to help him not be in pain anymore. We hugged him and sang him a hymn and had the bishop give him a blessing. It was just a shock to see him in so much pain but I know that Jesus understands EXACTLY what hes feeling and I told him that. I think it helped. We are so lucky to have that knowledge and that extra strength from the Lord!!
Anyways so that was a great conference!! 🙂 
In other news… we have a baptism this Saturday!!! His name is Cristian and we didn’t do ANYTHING. He was kind of an old investigator that has been coming to church for years but he came up to us and planned out his whole baptism! He is soooo ready. more on him next week!! 
Also Juan came to conference and brought his wife!!! WOO!! Good times. Anyways that was my week!! I love all of you and thank you for the letters and packages!!!
I miss you and I hope you are all doing fantastic!!!
Picture Time!!!!::
The family Orellana. They are so awesome!! The Dad served in my parents mission in the 80’s
Walking home from General Conference, having fun with Aileen!
Hermana Taylor and Aileen
Having Fun!
I love this girl!!!
Pics of my sector walking home from Conference
Random Pictures of my sector and sunsets… not as beautiful as Arizona


Hermana Dunne 😀

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