4/14/2014 ” TIA, TE QUIERO MUCHO!

I have NO time today so….
My mission is amazing. Some great moments from this week: 
The baptism!!!! It was amazing. It was so cool because we didnt do jack for Cristian and so it was all his decision and he is that type of convert that will stay active. 🙂 he is cool. It was a really really cool baptism. I felt the spirit super strongly and a lot of people came to support him. 
On Saturday, after the baptism they asked us to speak in church. And so we wrote talks on Sunday morning before church. THAT WAS CRAZY and TOTALLY all Heavenly Father, PO. Because there aint no way I could have written a detailed talk with scripture references and two talks in TEN MINUTOS in a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE before the mish. hahahahah. Then we get there and they decided to have a testimony meeting instead. AHHHHH we just pretty much threw up haha. But we bore our testimonies and people told me my spanish is better yayyyy 🙂 But yeahhhhh that was a fun day. 
Ummm what else… OH!!! We were walking by this park and a little kid called us over saying: “tia?” which is what little kids call like older girls or women. And he just said “Te quiero mucho!” like 5 times. We asked him where his mommy was and he said she just left him there and he asked me for my water and so i gave it to him because he was thirsty. He was just a little kid that got left there!! He told us he loved us a lot. It was sad because I doubt people say that to him much. Then we went and taught a daughter of our investigator English for her 4th grade english test!! She was so cute and I loved teaching English. It was so much fun. She cried and was frustrated but she said a prayer and asked for God to help her… it was SOOO cute. I loved it. 
Honestly that is like ALL we did this week. Juan is going out of town until May so hopefully he still wants to get baptized when he gets back. He came to church right before he left for vacation so I hope he comes home and still has that desire!!! Tays and Javier are doing okay!!  We have cambios next Monday and I really don’t want to leave Barrio Norte!!  I also want to keep Hermana Taylor for one more cambio if we stay just because we had like a breakdown ( she got sick) in the middle of us working really hard soooooo yeah. 
One thing thats good is that my stomach pills they gave me are AMAZING. Seriously I can eat gluten and not even feel sick!!!! AHHHH!!!!! I will send you a picture of the box of pills to see if you know what it is in English because I love these things.
Here are a few pictures of me and Hermana Taylor:
Yummy food!!
Here is a  pictures of my house.
These are pictures around our house and right out in front. The park is right in front of our house.
Ummm…Why are there ANCHOVIES in my PEANUTBUTTER?????
I love and miss you all!!
Hermana Dunne

One thought on “4/14/2014 ” TIA, TE QUIERO MUCHO!

  1. Shirley Dunne says:

    You have a Birthday coming up in another week or so.Your Pop Pop and I want to be sure our wishes reach you in time!!!May your days and weeks be filled with investigators that are anxious to know the Savior more and that as you remain humble you will feel of Heavenly Fathers spirit. May you be happy, and healthy and have a super companion to work with.

    Your Pop Pop and I both have to teach the lesson on Sunday in Priesthood and Relief Society and we are using the Preach My Gospel “How Do I Recognize and Understand the Spirit”. As you know the teacher always learns more than the students. I think the part of speaking to the Lord not as if I had just picked up the phone and placed my order, but to converse with him on a give and take basis…speak and then listen. Good reminder for all of us. I remember a time in college I needed an answer to prayer and I fasted for 3 days as I prayed with a sincere heart. Probably the most incredible experience of my life. I truly felt the love of the Lord.

    We celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary in the new Gilbert Temple. What a wonderful experience. The temple is beautiful, but the spirit was strong as we spent the hour learning. So very grateful for the blessing of the temple so close……so many temples so close. How very blessed. Now I have to catch the spirit of genealogy again as your parents are and really put my heart and soul into the research.

    May your week be successful and fulfilling as you are humble and prayerful. You are always in our prayers day and night. May Heavenly Father shower his best blessings on you. Love You Always,
    Grandma and Pop Pop Dunne

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