4/21/2014: Yay For Freezing Showers!

 Sooo first of all please excuse me for not writing last week!! I was so tired and out of it. But yeah I have been doing good! Thanks for everyone for caring about me and being AWESOME. Yall keep me going FOR REAL. My family and my friends= I LOVE YOU.
Shout out to Elder Berr-izzle who DIED haha What’s life like on the other side buddy?? haha.
 Anyways sooooo this weekkkkk.I am officially done training!!! WOO I am a normal missionary now!! I passed my FOUR MONTH MARK. QUE ES ESO?
Also, It is officially the first day of my third cambio!! WOO!! Only 10 mas!! haha. But really. El tiempo pasa TAN rapido! But good news! I am still in Barrio Norte with Hermana Taylor!!! YAY!! 🙂 We were sooooo excited and just screaming and probably freaking everyone out. I love my compañerraaaaa.

Fun moments from the week:
1.) I found a nasty red spider as I was mopping. EW die
2.) Our hot water went out WEEEEE!!!!! Yay for freezing showers. We had to buy gas and like batteries for this thing on the wall…. it was just a hassle. It works now but it is still kind of touchy and showers are super short too or it gets cold fast. So thats a fun chilean adventure!
Then we helped our mission leader move. Chilean moves are VERY different. They literally took the window like off the wall… just busted a hole in the wall and then put up a ladder and we like passed down SUPER heavy crap on this really creaky ladder hahah it was THE sketchiest thing and I think theres probably laws against what we did in America for safety hazards hahahah it was cray. But hey it worked out! hahah Our ward is awesome. Love them.
Juan is kind of our only investigator right now! He is really great but he still doesnt know if he wants to get baptized because of his wife and some issues they are having I guess. We are still working with him.
ALSO HAPPY FLIPPIN EASTER MY POES!!!!! YAYAAAYYYYY They don’t make it a big deal here but a bunch of stakes put on a BEAUTIFUL concert and Juan came. It was super SUPER pretty. They sang so pretty. Ity was a little awk because Juan called his wife and left and started yelling at her outside and came back in all mad BUT what can ya do.
ANYWAY I spent a lot of time inside this week so it was good for me to study and realize that I am DONE with caring about what other people think. If you are good with Heavenly Father, you are good to GO Po. Seriously. That high school mindset of looking for happiness through worldly things never lasts.I also really learned about repentance and the Atonement this week in my studies. Repentance is SUCH A blessing!!!! It shouldnt be viewed as something negative!! It is SO Positive and we have the best opportunity in the world to change our lives!!!! Jesus Christ loves us SO MUCH we cant even comprehend it!! And he suffered for us when we dont even deserve it… the worst any human has EVER suffered in the history of TIME…. so why would we NOT use his gift of repentance??? it was a gift he gave us that cost a LOT. The price was high and the value is priceLESS. We must use it.
I just want you to all know that I absolutely love my Savior Jesus Christ. He has saved my life and brought me to a place I never thought I would be. He is the reason I am here. Without him I would have been home 3 months ago. I love my Heavenly Father. He is everything to me. I love him more than anything.I promise that the gospel is the KEY to happiness!!! We cant find lasting happiness ANYWHERE ELSE!!! REMEMBER THAT. 😀
Anyways thats all for this week. Thank you all for your prayers for me and my comp. We are just dandy 🙂 yayyy for being a gringa up in da hood

Hermana Dunne 😀

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