Goodbye Hermana Taylor



This is kinda short because I don’t got time!!

Sooooo sad sad dayyyy… Hermana Tay rizzle got emergency transferred!! POOP. I was soooo sad!!! Tears were shed and the APs were rolling their eyes but WHATEVER. That girl will be my best friend forever. 
Hermana Taylor and the woman we live with!!
BUT, happy day I am now with Hermana Montañez!! She is from Mexico and super super sweet. I am so excited for this cambio with her!!!
 ewww… I had been crying!!
Not much happened this week to be honest due to…. surprise surprise SICKNESS!! WOO!!!
We were walking out of the house and I passed out on the ground in front of a group of Evangelical people. It was flippin funny.

So I got some kind of flu and that blew so we were in the house like ALL week. I think sickness is my trial. But honestly I am good. No worries. But yeah!! 
Anyways… then on Thursday night President came over and told us Hna. T was leaving so we opened my birthday package from the fam!!! AHHH THANK YOU GUYS!!! Shelbi freaking Jamsa I love you. I cried when I saw your picture. And I am just so happy to see all of you and get all of that flipping AMERICAN CANDY. Family, you know me so well. 
It is really cool to be in another country!!! It is crazy. It all feels like a dream. I love it. I always find things that reminds me of stuff my mom and dad told me, only more modern. So, my mom use to make up these stories about a kid named “Papelucho” Before I left on my mission, she pulled out this kids book she got in Chile. It was a Papelucho story. So the other day, we were walking down the street and there was this guy selling books and look what I found! That same old Papelucho book. It must be like 25 years old!
 The book my mom had is the one of just the kids head! Crazy!!
Some cool band playin’ in the street 
Well…. this week we are finally going to be working hard. So just stay tuned!! Don’t worry Hermana Dunne is just fine!!!!
Love from CHILEEE!!!!!


Hermana Dunne 😀

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