Working In The Rain

HOLY freaking what the nut!! I am 2 days away from being  TWENTY YEARS OLD!! What is life? Anyways shout out to my not so baby brother who is 15 now!! WOO!!! 


ALSO… OH MY FLIP…. The wards changed whaaaaat the ?????
ALSO ALSO I get to talk to my FAMILY FREEEEEAAAKKKKKK 🙂 AHH so how have you all been?! I hope just fantastic!! 🙂 
It’s SUPER rainy and wet here!! Literally you walk outside and you can like feel the water in the air and everything is wet. But its still fun!! haha This week was really good!!! My comp is a real sweetheart!! It has been so hard but speaking Spanish all day has really helped my Spanish grow and we are loving the work!!!! Because Hermana Montañez really know the sector, I have had to step up and sort of lead us around and so that’s been kind of fun too!!
BUTTTT….. lets see. We have two baptisms for Roxana and her daughter this Saturday!!! Stoked about that. We have been waiting for a longggg time for her to get baptized and she is finally ready!!!  Juan is progressing still but he doesn’t live here in B-Town so we are going to see if he can get baptized here. I hope sooo!!!! 
ANYWAYS soooo some weird stuff. Two people called me Barbie this week and it was super creepin. Like, I don’t understand why people who have wives and kids like flirt with the missionaries!! hahah It’s really gross!! 
BUUTTTT anyways haha so not a whole lot of crazy stuff this week… just kind of the same old missionary work!!! haha miss all of you guys!!!
I encourage you who are members of the church to all think about your baptismal covenants and why you chose to get baptized. Even if you got baptized when you were young, you still must have had a reason to be baptized and stay in this gospel!! I encourage you to remember that you promised Heavenly Father to keep his commandments (and that means all of them!) and to take the name of Jesus Christ upon you. Are you doing those things? 🙂 
I love you all and the scriptures are the bomb. Read them. They rock. Also church is the best. Miss you all!!!!
Hermana Dunne!!
PS…. yeah that is smoke in dis Chilean air from peoples stoves. it like sits in the air and we breathe it in yayyy super fun

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