Don’t Follow Men With Briefcases Into Dark Alleys

May 12, 2014

Julia’s blog message was short this week. We were able to skype with her on mother’s day, so this message will be part Julia and part her mother filling with some of the stories she shared with us!

Hi everyone!

Yay!! So I’m 20 now!! Woooo!!! What the heck? Whyyy I am so old.

But hey! This week was WHACK, Oh my heck. 
First of all…. on my birthday, some members of my ward gave me a birthday party! It was so awesome! They gave me presents and sang me Happy Birthday. They showed me a video my parents made for me and it made me cry!!
You can see a video of Julia’s birthday on her Facebook. Here are some pictures from the awesome members in Julia’s ward who gave her the party!!
I got to skype Hermana Taylor  and my sister Kylie for a few minutes!! BEST EVER. 
And yesterday (Mother’s Day) was SUCH a blessing!! Got to skype my family and one of my best friends!!! So that was awesome too. 
Julia skyping Daniel
You can see a short video of Julia on her facebook when she started skyping with her family!
ANNNDDD today we went to the beach as a zone!!! I love my mission oh my goodness.
Julia shared with us that right now is the rainy season in Chile. She said she is cold and wet all the time! She complains that she can not have nice hair because it is either wet or just too humid. She said the water is so think in the air even if it isn’t raining and that everything, the walls, the streets, everything is just damp. Everything is green and pretty thought. Here are are few pictures she send to show us how wet it is.
This is a picture of the little pond in the picture above. She took it with the flash on and said that those are not raindrops but is a reflection of the flash off the moisture in the air. 
Julia has a new companion. She is from Mexico and is really helping Julia’s spanish grow. She is working with a woman and her daughter ( I don’t remember their names) and I think they are getting baptized. She told us that a lot of her service is in reactivation. There are something like 900 members of record in her ward but only 100 or so that go to church. So, they spend a lot of time visiting less active members. She also said that most of the people they meet ARE members so finding people who have not heard about the gospel already is more challenging. Here is a picture with Julia and some wonderful members in her ward. 
Hermana Montanez, Ana Valderrama, Aileen Hernandez, Christian (new convert) Alejandra Valderrama. These were the sweet members that gave her the birthday party!
Julia (and our family) have been so blessed by these great members who love and treat her so great and send us pictures and videos!!
As far as missionary work goes… this week was a little bit slow but we are still working hard 🙂 I love my companion and she is helping my Spanish grow so much!! I think missions are hard for everyone but we all still try and learn SO much at the end!!! 
This week was like attack of the drunk men. It was really fun.Once day we were walking down the street past this bar and there was this drunk man outside. She was asking him why he drinks and he said “Tengo ganas” (I have the desire). I just told them that Jesus doesn’t like what he was doing and gave him a pass along card. I keep hoping that they will wake up sober and find it and maybe want to change. So, while we were talking to this drunk guy, another guy came up to us with a briefcase and told us he had millions of dollars in it. We were walking and he started walking with us telling us how he wanted to give us money and stuff. As we were walking we passed this alley and he ran down into. He wanted us to follow but we wouldn’t. He kept saying, come here, come here I want to give you some money. Finally he opened up his briefcase and in it was all this cocaine! We just gave him a pass along card and ran off! So.. lesson… never follow drunk men into dark alleys! Good thing we didn’t! 
Another story Julia shared with us was a story about service. While out tracking, they found a less active elderly couple living in a very dirty, gross situation. The couple were very sick and basically bed ridden and unable to clean. Julia said the house was absolutely filthy and disgusting. There was rotten food everywhere, mice, and an terrible stench that made them gag and have to cover their noses. She said the couple did not have a bathroom and so they were keeping their waste in jars in the house!!! So, they went back and spent a whole day cleaning. She said she was just throwing away tons and tons of just garbage and junk and after a whole day it didn’t even make a dent into the mess. We are proud of her for her great effort to serve this couple!
Here are a few more pictures Julia sent this week:
Groovy Chilean Pants!!
What missionaries do after losing their name tags…. whiteout!
Julia loves cooking for herself. … Yay for Walmart !!
I just wanted to tell ytou guys I love you all and that this gospel is true!! 

we have a cool zone 🙂



Hermana Dunne 😀

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