Learning the Lesson of Obedience

May 19th, 2014
Okay virtual hug to Daniel, Connor and Caleb. I love you 3 people. 😀 yayyy I almost cried from laughter from your video!!! Hahahah oh man good times.
(sorry…I’m stalking your facebook for pictures! ha ha)
Shout out to Braden for leavin to the mish!!!
Shout out to Ali for getting BAPTIZED!!
Shout out and to my grandma for sending the BIGGEST package ever full of FOOD!!! ahhhhh all the Elders were jealous.
Gluten free food package from Grandma Pat!!!!
Anyways this letter is a little more spiritual… I had a really cool experience that I wanted to shard with you guys.
I think that when Hermana Taylor left it was really hard for me… its really hard having your BEST friend leave!!! And my new companion is a sweetheart but is really really quiet. So pretty much I had to do everything at the beginning. I know the area and the members so I have to call everyone, plan everything, and just pretty much the load was on my shoulders for a little bit. Thats pretty normal for a cambio but it wasnt getting easier…. my comp still has a hard time teaching and talking to people so I literally was doing everything. I think that pushed me to start slacking off because I just was tired and felt like I was doing the whole mission alone.
Anyways so we ended up hitting last P Day and we had basically done nothing the entire week. That made me feel awful because I knew it was all my fault. The obedience level was just really really low on our part.
Anyways so PHEW the Lord jumps in right when we need it right?? Always. We had a zone conference the next day and a mini cambio with the Hermana Leaders. It was really cool. They really helped us with our enthusiasm to work. It still isnt easy, but they reminded us that obedience is the first law of heaven and its so important in missionary work! They also just helped us see that loving the people and the gospel is so important too because then it is easier to share!!! I loved being with the Hermana Leaders. They are so fantastic and spiritual.
Anyways, so we have a goal per week to have 140 contacts. Guess how many we had by Thursday? 6.
Haaha. I know, I know. AWFUL.
We talked to literally 6 people in 3 days. That is horrible!!!!!
But guess what??? We made a resolve to be obedient in EVERYTHING. And ya know what went DOWN?? In the last 3 days of the week, we talked to 117 people and found 6 new investigators and two families!!!!!!! And they are GOLDEN. I really hope we can continue working with them.
That is the blessing of obedience people. I am serious.
The Lord will bless us according to the commandments we keep. So if we keep all of them, we get ALL The blessings!! how sweet is that??
One of the people we met was sort of this creepy guy that lives in a warehouse…. really… it’s sort of creepy….
Anyways, I really loved D&C 97:8 and 3 Nephi 18:15.
I read those scriptures and it just gave me the drive to work and share this gospel with everyone. I am seriously excited to be a missionary and i have a new excitement for the work.
What else happened?? Wellllll I got my FIRST KISS IN CHILE!!! WOOOO yeah a guy came up and grabbed me and kissed my cheek, but not like they usually do. It was like… forceful and really nasty. The best part was he WASNT drunk so he knew what he was doing. EWWW. But take it SATAN I still shared the gospel with him.
I was able to see my MTC companion, Hermana Blau! That was really cool!
Chile has SO many darn dogs! Some of them are really cute, like these Dalmations, but some of them are really NASTY… this is probably why I have a problem with fleas… ha ha
Anyways so being a missionary rocks. I love it. Also, being a member of this church rocks. So if you are a member… be a missionary because then your life rocks 2x as much!!!!! But seriously.
I just wanted to end by saying that the Lord is my rock and my foundation. I would be nothing without him or this gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to find true joy, and I am saying that out of experience. I have never been happier in my life before now, and I have never met happier people than those who put the Lord first in their life.
Anyways have a great week!!! I miss you all!!!!! Only 13 months….!!

— Hermana Dunne 😀


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