Anchor Your Boat

Hola familia y amigos!!! 

¡Voy a escribir esta carta en Español!
Yeah okay. Bueno… Esta semana era LOCAAA porque teniamos un bautismo de Rosana y su hija Cristy!! He estado trabajando con ellas todo mi misión y ahora son miembros de esta gran familia de nuestra Iglesia 🙂 En serio estoy muyyy feliz para ellas y su familia. Ahora la meta es para la Rosana y su esposo ir al templo! Espero que pasa!  
I am going to write this letter in Spanish!
Ok, this week was CRAZY because we had a baptism for Rosana and her daughter Cristy! I have worked with them my whole mission and now they are members of this great church family! Seriously, I am very happy for them and their family. Now our goal is for Rosana and her husband to go to the Temple! I hope that happens!
Yeah okay. I know most of you people don’t speak Spanish so fine I will write in English. But really we had a baptism last week for Rosana and her daughter Cristy… and it really was amazing. This was my third baptism but numbers don’t matter! Honestly, I was just so happy because I have been working with this family since DAY ONE of my mission and now they are finally members and my goal is to help them get to the temple 🙂 
So this week wasn’t really crazy  besides that 🙂 ME and the comp are struggling a bit to contact people o sea, talk to everyone. Because I live really close to the city and nobody has time. Everyone is really fast with their lives and is just going going going. So honestly a lot of times we get discouraged and don’t want to talk to people. Lately, we have had a lot of people tell us no and reject us and it is kind of hard to take :/ BUT no worries! We are doing good now and are really working hard to talk to everyone 🙂 
I feel bad for my comp because she doesn’t like our area very much. I didn’t like it at first either because it is just HARD. But now…. ahhh I dont want to leave. Like, it’s hard but I love these people and I love my ward. The problem is that cambios are in a week and I have been here for 3 cambios or 4 and 1/2 months! I might stay for another cambio but I don’t know. So stay tuned. next Monday I will know!!!
Top to bottom bigger pictures:
  • Familia Galdame… Love them. Saved my mission!
  • Familia Orellana.. So awesome and sweet! Drinkin some Mate
  • Familia ? (she didn’t say)
Top to Bottom smaller pictures:
  • Hermano in the ward who always has candy! Yes!!
  • Hermana Pilo… she is the so sweet! I love her!
  • Christian.. so awesome. He was baptized a while back and is totally great.
  • Hermana Lili.. oh my goodness, I love her. She is so awesome!
We went to a birthday party for a member of the ward. He is 27 years old and really really sweet. 
As far as investigators we are still working with Juan but his situation is really complicated…. blehh. He lives somewhere else but works on Sundays in our sector but if he wants to get baptized he cant work on Sundays… which means he won’t be in our ward for church…. so he really shouldn’t get baptized in our ward. BUT his family is totes against Mormons so he cant listen to missionaries over there. ITS DIFICIL.
Yeah but Idk!!! Livin the life down here in Chile. I wish I had something more crazy to tell you…. I saw my first drug use!! A guy legit snorted cocaine RIGHT in front of us. I saw the powder in a little tube thing. UGH. And then right after that this drunk guy came up to us and started yelling about the Book of Mormon in English, Spanish and I think French?? Hahaha funny freakin times po. We just walked away lauuughhhing. It was so fun. 
It is still cold and raining. So, here is how I look when I go out
Thank you SO much Caleb for the package of chocolates!!! I feel so loved. My friends are awesome!!
I just want all of you to know that I have a testimony of this Gospel. But more than that, I want you all to know how much I hope for YOU to gain a testimony of this gospel!! Honestly. We talk to millions of people on the daily as missionaries and it is SO important to do the basics.
So I made up this thing that we teach to all our people down hurr. 
You are a boat. And you are in the middle of the ocean. Life has its waves, but sometimes there are really big storms right? Well what do boats have to keep them stable?? They have anchors. And with an anchor, you, in the ocean, can stay more or less stable when the winds are blowing and there are really big waves. But your anchor is only there if you do three things. Without them, the anchor just isnt big enough to hold you steady. Read the scriptures, pray, and go to church. And with those three things, you have your anchor! And the more you do those things, the bigger and heavier your anchor! And the less power the waves have 🙂
“If our anchors are correctly placed in the rock of our Redeemer….they will hold- no matter the force of the wind…the strength of the tide… or the height of the waves”  Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf
TAKE IT SATAAANNNN. Seriously he can shove it. Because the members of this church ROCK and we got all the anchors in the world to hold us down during hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis!!!
Hermana Dunne

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