Snails, Rats and Rain

Hola my poes!!!
Okay, the only trunky thing I will write in this email is how much I miss music. I love the mission but music….. hahahh this computer place has some bumpin’ music so uhhh… yeah. But besides that I am good 🙂 hahah
Also we don’t have hot water and its FREEZING 😀
Plus, we have a rat living in our kitchen and it eats our food.
And now that it’s raining a lot, snails are just THRIVING hahah!! Our window has a gigantic hole in it where they just slither on in 🙂 LOVE CHILE
This is what happens to my hair in like… no time… because of the humidity. Lovely… ha ha
My newest best friend… yea right.. Get off my towel you freak… ewwww…. gross…. disgusting!!!!
Sooooo I had an amazing week!!!!
First of all…. I hit the end of my 3rd transfer and I am now heading into
First of all, we had a conference for all the Sister missionaries in the mission!! We went to a city called Chillan… it was the first time I had been outside of Concepcion boundaries!! So that was pretty cool.
This is all the Hermanas in the mission. What an awesome bunch of Sistas!!!
We learned a LOT about how Sister missionaries are special… Elders are awesome and do so many good things, but there are just some things that sister missionaries can do that Elders can’t!! For example one lady told us that she gets scared at night when people come to her door, and she never lets in Elders. But she let us in!!! The power of the Hermanas YEAH!!
This is me and the Zone Leaders. The one on the right is from Argentina.The are both super cool.
But anyways, just so everyone knows, yes I have been still sick but not like… SICK sick, just with a lot of chest pain. But I have also been so good. So announcement to all of you NO MORE worrying about me… I am fine and my health is good 🙂
But with that said….So this week was a miracle.
As a mission, we have a goal to talk to 20 people per day, 10 per missionary, no matter what.
Hermana Montañez and I have had a hard time with that. ITS HARD!!!! People tell us they hate mormons, they don’t have time, all kinds of things. BUT we finally made a goal to DO IT. To finally just suck it up and talk with every person no matter how hard it is, and to be on time and obedient.
In the beginning of the week it was hard because we got home late from the Hermana Conference and we were just struggling to do it, but we finally started to do all our contacts and hit all of our appointments. And guess what?? We found 7 new investigators, we had 4 investigators in church, 5 less actives in church, and we found some investigators that are GOLDEN. It was the craziest thing. We found a family whos son got baptized in our church but he drowned in the lake by our house at age 21 like, 6 years ago. And they were just like……. practically BEGGING for the gospel!!! AMAZING!!!! We also had an awesome lesson with a lady whos friends both walked in in the middle of the lesson and listened and were really interested!!!
We also fasted for 3 things on Saturday and on Sunday all three of those things happened. It was such a miracle. I have a testimony of fasting, diligence, and obedience. Put those three things together and you have gold.
I had such a good week and I am really excited to keep going in Barrio Norte for my 4th cambio!! I really am excited.
I know that the Lord blesses us when we are truly obedient and diligent in all we do. I really have a strong testimony of that, and I think its one of the things I was supposed to learn on the mission. I prayed before the mission to gain a work ethic because thats something I struggle with, and right now I feel like I am gaining it!! It feels better to work than to laze around, and its just a good feeling to bring people to Christ.
I am almost at 6 months in the mission…. WHAT THE HECK it is so weird to think that time has gone so fast.
I really don’t know where it went. But I am so happy for the time I have had here in Chile. Chile is an amazing place, but more amazing for the people here. The gospel here is growing and I can see the work of the Lord at hand.
I love this gospel and i testify of these things!!
Hermana Dunne!!



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