9 FOOLPROOF steps for Return Missionaries.

Hi there.

Did you return home from your mission recently? Or maybe not recently at all? Lemme tell you my story.

I got sick a while ago. I was really really sick with this stupid disease that is stupid. That stupid disease made me wait for a year to go on my mission… but I FINALLY went πŸ™‚ Finally. And I served for 6 months in Concepcion Chile πŸ™‚ It was THE BEST 6 months of my life and I wouldn’t take it back for a single second.

But unfortunately, a mix of the return of said disease and some depression caused me to return early. June 2014, actually. And it has sucked, and been pretty hard to get back into things. I dunno, maybe I’m alone. Maybe I’m not as spiritually strong and am just not as easily able to bounce back like some of you out there. But this is my story, and I’ve learned a lot.

So here are the rules for RMs, particularly those of us who weren’t able to complete the full time.

πŸ™‚ 1. After all the excitement has died down, go somewhere. Take a second. Or maybe 50 whatever you need. Put down the phone, leave your family and friends, and go be alone for a sec. Just you and your thoughts. And the Lord. Bring him too. Don’t allow a single negative thought to enter your mind, no matter what the circumstances may be. Just reflect. Remember your amazing mission. Your wonderful companions. The FANFLIPPINGTASTIC people you met. The food, the culture of wherever you were, the wards, the love, the spirit. All of it. Let the memories just sink in.

DO NOT LET YOURSELF REGRET. A single moment. Even if you do. Just forget that. Enjoy this. And let this moment last.

2. Now. It’s time to act. I’ll tell you from personal experience that because of my sickness, lack of money, lack of a plan since the homecoming had been pretty unexpected, and lack of control of my emotions really kept me from doing much “acting” on anything. So don’t be me. Make a plan. If you have no idea what the heck you’re doing with your life, that’s okay. Me either. Ha.

Just sit down and write down where you would like to be in the next 6 months. Then write down where you realistically will be in the next 6 months. Then make your plan to be in that place. If that means getting a job, applying to school, getting financial aid and planning to move out, start doing it. Trust me. Inaction leads to more inaction. And it leads to a whole lot of other junk that isn’t what an RM needs to keep that fire fueled.

3. Now while your plan is in motion… Keep those missionary fires burning inside you! Call up your local missionaries and ask to go out with them ASAP. Also, if you speak another language, look up missionaries in your area who may speak that language. If you went foreign chances are you speak it a little better than them (sorry folks it’s just the truth) and they’d very gladly take you up on the offer of an extra voice (possibly a more confident-in-the-language one.) Plus you can revel in that missionary feeling a little more. win win

4. Remember what your mission president told you on your final interview? No I don’t mean the “get married right away” part… (cough cough… uhhhm) I mean the “don’t you dare stop reading your scriptures and praying” part. And don’t you dare!!! You better stay on that crap.

5. Make friends. Now this is coming from the person who hasn’t done this whatsoever and I have no friends now. Haha……. do as I say not as I do….. But really. Go to your singles ward as much as POSSIBLE and meet friends. Go to institute and just be around people your age. The sooner you do this the better, no matter how LITTLE you want to. Trust me. If I had come home and not been such an antisocial ball of BLEEHHH I would have probably made a lot more friends and felt a lot less alone.

Also, on the plus side, a lot of people have actually been through this before. So maybe they can relate.

6. Date. Yeah ew… I know. Well at least for me when I got home I was like… uh no. (even though like on the mission sometimes that’s all you are waiting for haha) But really. Go and meet guys (or girls!) and if they ask you out don’t turn them down even if you are NOT into them. You can use the people you don’t like as practice. Because the more you date and get comfortable, the less of that awkward stage you’ll be rockin’. And we ALL need that.

7. Get a hobby. This one I DID do. *cue the applause* yes I know I’m not a TOTAL deadbeat. For the most part. But yeah. I bought a cheeeeappp guitar that sucks but I love it and I’m teaching myself off youtube. I bought a longboard and am ROCKING it. I’m practicing new makeup looks and hairstyles every day. I took up yoga. Do somethinn

8. Exercise. This will help you just in general and we all know this. But we ALL need confidence after the mission. And exercise gives you natural confidence and helps fix sooo many things. It gets you in shape and healthy which makes you feel good about yourself and helps your thoughts stay more positive. yayyy

9. AAAANNNDD lastly, PRAY. Remember. You can read blogs all day, you can cry to your mom all night, and you can text your best friend in between. But there’s only one person who can solve the problems you really need solved.

And try to get into the habit of going to Him first. When you are REALLY feeling down, (trust me I’ve been there so many times it’s sad.) He is there for you and is the only one who can truly help you. People can ADVISE you like i’m trying to right now, and your parents can COUNSEL you, but He can HELP you, LOVE you, CHANGE you and HEAL you.

And that is what you truly yearn for.

I wish you all the best of days and the happiest moments since your return from serving our Lord and Savior πŸ™‚ You will make it!! I believe in you.



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