it’s been so long!!

Hey world.

It has definitely been a while!

Some new things are happening in my life:

1- I have 2 jobs! So I’ve been insanely busy. But it’s good. Busy is good. For me at least. I need to have things to do or I get stir-crazy!!

2- I am getting ready for Utah State in August!! 🙂 Exciting 🙂

3-I’m totally getting in shape! WOO

4- I’m just happy okay? 🙂

Yeppp life is looking a lot better for me lately!! I think honestly nothing new has really come about… I mean nothing has CHANGED wildly. But I feel so blessed. I think just getting a new perspective on life has really helped me grow. Yay for life, yay for missions, yay for blessings, yay for moving on 🙂

Anyways, just wanted to say that I’m still alive. Also, I am making a video commemorating my mission… so watch for that coming up soon! It should be pretty good. Well… I’m excited 🙂

Well, ciao world. See ya on the flippity flip. -Michael Scott ❤


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