Some opinions (that probably no one wanted haha)

Hey Julia, why don’t you post some opinions on things that no one asked for, and no one wanted?

Okay I will 🙂

So lately I’ve been doin pretty good in life (for me!) Hahah. Idk. Things have been going pretty well for me in the past couple of months. But I’m busy, which is why I never post on here and also why I have no life haha. But today I had some down time and a few things came into my head that I wanted to just rant about… lol

Tell me if I’m wrong k?

But I have this thing about friendship. Friendship to me means a lot of things that apparently it doesn’t mean to a lot of other people. Which sucks sometimes, but whatever.

Backing up though… I’ve kind of always had this weird… problem?… would I call it that? Where I gravitate towards two different types of people generally. One type is the needy “leech” friend. I tend to ALWAYS have one of these! Someone who needs me WAY more than I need them, but who never ever returns the friendship back equally. They need me for advice, they need me for support and to listen to them… NEED seems to be the thing I think when their name pops into my head. The other type is the bossy, controlling, sometimes manipulative “friend”. I am pretty good about staying away from these types of people, but I feel like I always have someone kind of in my life like this. Someone who feels the need to know everything I’m doing, wants me to do things their way, is bossy and nosy and has no problem telling me their opinion… etc.

Both of these types of people are just the types of people that I find myself associating with a lot of the time and I’m not sure why! There’s probably some psychology behind it but I think there is time for a change. They aren’t necessarily bad people, but I would say that most of the time they are bad friends. You know why??

Because friendship is a two way street. And that’s that. When I have a friend, I firmly believe that I will be THERE for them to the best of my ability. I will listen to them when they need it, I’ll support them, I’ll help them out, and I want to enjoy my time with them! But it should go both ways. They should be there for me! They should listen to me, support me, help ME out too. A lot of the time in friendships I find that it’s a lot of GIVING and not a lot of receiving :/ As in… I’m always there for them, but they are there for me when it’s convenient.

I guess I say this now because it hurts sometimes. Usually I get over it or whatever, but as I’m changing my life a lot, I’m noticing my friendships and how they affect me. I’ve been really hurt by a few people who have turned out to not be as good of friends as I thought they would be.

Basically….. this RANT is just to say that if you are trying to have a good friendship with someone, be there for them. Be the friend you want them to be. It’s just that simple. And for those of you like me who feel walked all over?? Try this. Don’t start the conversation with anyone. Don’t go out of your way for a single person for a while. Then you might be surprised who cares… and who doesn’t.


ANOTHER THING…… haha (told ya this was a post no one wanted lol)

Social media is seriously ridiculous. I’m guilty of it too…. let’s be real….

But honestly I feel like a grandma saying this but it is getting out of control. It is bad enough when I can’t talk to someone without their nose in their phone.

But when people literally judge their self worth based on followers, likes, or how they appear to others on a social media site, it’s just too freaking much.

Anyways. Just some opinions of mine that I thought I’d toss out there 🙂



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