Moving on

Hey there 🙂

So I haven’t written in a while because honestly, I’ve had nothing to say. But a lot has changed in the past month so I figured I’d post about it!

So first of all, I’m moving in 9 days! Crazy. I had planned to move up to Idaho for college in September with everyone else, but then I realized I needed a job. So I was going to go up a few weeks early. but THEN, the store that I work at closed down! So I am moving ASAP and have found a lot of blessings as I have tried to get ready to move.
I feel really RIGHT about it. And I have been able to get as much money as I’ve needed, which is really cool. I have had exactly the amount of money that I need for every expense- gas, my rent, new tires… etc. It’s all been pretty awesome. I’m just so grateful for that.

SECOND of all, things here in Arizona have gone downhill pretty fast. I think with depression and anxiety it’s definitely a rollercoaster, but I haven’t seen any lights at the end of the tunnel lately by living here. And honestly it was really hard for me at first when I realized pretty much my only option was to go back to Idaho because I do NOT love it there. But now that I look back, all these struggles recently have helped me be more optimistic as I think about Idaho and my future, because I realize it HAS to be better than this. Which is a good thing! It has helped me be more ready and willing to move there.

As far as friends go, I still have my close friends. But I have found out who my truest friends are. One of the larger events that happened recently was me finding out that someone who claimed to be one thing was NOT that at all, and was not nearly the person they said they were for a very long time. That really hurt, but I figured out that it’s just life. People come and go and people disappoint you. It sucks, but there will be better people soon that come into your life 🙂

Anyways, I know I’m being vague here, but I’m just excited for what the future holds. I am really looking forward to starting my life for real and getting going on this! I’ve been sitting back for way too long because of my health, but now I think I have it under control and I am ready to start a new chapter of my life.

🙂 Julia


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