So, it’s true! I am now Mrs. Taylor 🙂 I haven’t really updated my blog much since I got married (or even when I was dating… oops) just because it’s been CRAZY as you can probably imagine. But now I’m living in Mexico!! We’ve been here a month now and we have 3.5 more left in this beautiful city!!!

But I wanted to share some of my thoughts on my wedding and of course, pictures! 🙂

First of all, I married my best friend 🙂 And we are completely inseparable. I don’t think since we have been married that we have gone more than 2 hours without seeing each other! Honestly I don’t even know if we’ve gone that long! I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t even mind! I love my hubby and we have such a blast together all the time. This week we literally just sat in our house and watched movies and the Bachelor hahah and it was STILL such a fun week!

Anyways, back to our wedding! We got engaged in March and didn’t get married until July 16! I know for some people that probably seems incredibly fast, but we were DYING. We could not wait. Since we’ve been here in Mexico, a lot of the international students can’t really believe that we are married this young either! But our answer is once you know you wanna be with someone, and you know you don’t want to ever be with anyone else, why wait? Obviously for us, starting a family is a priority. And for me, an eternal marriage is a priority as well. Some people don’t have that same mindset, which is totally fine! But we might come off a little strange to some people… and tbh we don’t really care 😉

Our wedding was really fun though. We were married in the Rexburg Temple and we were so blessed to have most of our very close friends and family with us in the sealing room and at the reception. We had a ton of people who pitched in long hours of work and sacrificed a TON to help us with the reception. It was a super cute backyard reception but it took tons of effort! I don’t wanna brag buuuttt… I made almost all the decorations by hand 😉 So I’m pretty awesome. Hahaha jk. But I did feel pretty accomplished!

Because we are in Mexico though, the physical professional photos of the wedding day haven’t gotten to us yet. But we have a few others (and our bridals!) which I’ll post!!!



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