Una Cosita

Yo quise escribir algo en espanol 🙂

Yo se que mi español no es tan bueno…. Siempre trato de practicarlo y cuando hay tiempo leo mis escrituras en español también. Pero es difícil practicarlo cuando nadie habla conmigo!! :p

Bueno. Me voy para Idaho en 9 días. Estoy muy, pero MUY animada. Es extraño porque NUNCA he querido vivir en Idaho. Aunque vivia ahí, no quería estar ahí para nada! Pero, las cosas en mi vida han cambiado, y ahora estoy listo para vivir sola y aprender mas de mi mismo y de la libertad.

Pero bueno. La cosa que me ha cambiado mas que nada es el Evangelio. NO soy perfecto para NADA por estudiar el Evangelio. De verdad. Es MUY difícil para mi recordar leer las escrituras y orar en las mananas. Y no me gusta tanto ir al barrio mío porque las personas ahí me hacen sentir mal. Pero todavía, el Evangelio es el único cosa que me ayuda. Cuando no puedo poner confianza en las personas, o en mi mismo, SIEMPRE puedo ponerla en Jesucristo y mi Padre Celestial. Ellos me entienden, me aman, y me escuchan.

Tengo un firme testimonio de este Evangelio. Y aunque hay muchos opiniones y cosas malas en el mundo hoy, no importa. Lo que me importa es el opinion de mi Padre, y como puedo ser la persona mas como El.

Yo se que mi Salvador, Jesucristo, vive. Lo se con todo mi cuerpo y alma. Yo se que si continuamos con fe, y con la esperanza, que todo va a ser bien y vamos a recibir las bendiciones que El nos prometa.

Digo estas cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.


wanderlust and answers to prayers (or lack of)

BEWARE: I am the most indecisive person on the planet. So if bouncing from idea to idea bothers you… Ya might wanna click away… Now.

Lately all I want to do is travel. Well… Okay… I admit. Not just lately. All the time.

I guess since the mish I have been battling two things: what I want to do with my life, and what I SHOULD do with my life. Maybe they are one and the same, but only one person knows that. And He is sometimes really quiet about the way he tells us those things, darn it! 😉

But in the space of 11 months of living down here in the Arizona heat, I have bounced from plans to move to Phoenix, UVU in Provo, USU in Logan, back on the mission, BYUI in Rexburg, and even doing an International Language Program in the Dominican Rep or China!!

I keep praying about these things and keep feeling nothing. So I decided to make a choice. I figured none of these are BAD choices… Right? So if I’m not supposed to do something, maybe I’ll feel a no instead of sitting here waiting for a yes.

I decided to go to USU. And my plan worked! It was a no. Nothing worked out once I got accepted there, and I mean nothing. 

So…. Process of elimination..? H.F. really wants me to learn this stuff on my own, doesn’t he? 

Sooo…. Plan B. After careful planning, a father’s blessing, and money management…. I decided on heading back to BYUI. Logically it made the most sense. Cheapest college with a great visual design program. 

But let me just say this. (No offense to my Rexburg loving friends!) i hated my time in Rexburg. It was the worst semester of my life and the last thing I want to do is go back there. That being said… If Heavenly Father has plans for me there, I am willing to go back to Rexburg. I know things will be different if I go back, and I know what I want to study. I have faith if there is a plan Heavenly Father has for me, it will work out if I move forward without doubt. 

BUT. Even as i approached BYUI with faith, I felt nothing. I didn’t feel bad, just nothing. But as I have been moving forward with my Rexburg plans, I have been just puzzled with my lack of emotion towards anything I have chosen. Maybe I can’t hear the spirit? Maybe I just am doubting too much? Maybe I am trying too hard to do what Heavenly Father wants when he just wants me to do what makes ME happy?

That last thought has been the most pressing lately. The only thing that gets me excited is the prospect of travel. I get tingly just imagining it. I love it. I am in love with other cultures and serving people. So right now I am kind of about to take a risk. 

I applied last night for the International Language Program… to go to the Dominican Republic for the fall semester. Because it is the only thing I want to do right now! And I am focusing on becoming happy with my life and my choices right now. I need to do this for me… And if Heavenly Father has something else in store as I go through this… He will let me know… And I’m still listening 😉

Jeez. Adulthood, man. 

Uhmm whaaa…?

k. Life is good. And its taking me by surprise.

I went to conference and Logan, UT this weekend to figure out school stuff, see mission friends, and live it up haha. See pics belooow  



Conference was awesome. I learned a lot, and this weekend i got to see some amazing friends and family, and even go to my mission reunion!! 

It was a blast!!! I also did my first backflip 😉 hahaha

But it was exciting to get a little taste of the future!! I can’t wait for school and friends and a certain missionary to get home 😉 the future is bright!!! 

Keep holdin the iron rod, folks. 

Ya’ll need Christ in ya life. 


hey i never post pics of myself since ive been home! So heres a few!! 

My sister is a budding cosmetologist! This is her makeover on yours truly.


Selfieeeees for days  

The Larimore wedding!  

Got some beauuuutiful tulips for V day ❤️  

Sprained my thumb like an idioto  

It snowed on new years!!! A miracle i tell you  

My two besties   

Dimes  All my lovely tucson friends from hs 🙂 

It’s a good life, folks 🙂

Reflections!! (AAANNND my mission video! YAY)


Soooo I’m posting this for no particular reason other than my mission video is complete. I’ve been kinda working on it off and on for a few months and I finally finished it WOO

But basically, I feel like in the past 9 months since I’ve been home, I went through every emotion possible. But time has finally helped me feel normal again 🙂 I think by posting this video it’s a great way for me to kind of close that chapter on my life for now, and move on 🙂

I will be dead serious. IT WAS A BIZNATCH coming home early, yo. Like, I felt so many freaking things. I felt IMMEDIATE regret… as if being sick was something I could change… but i felt like I could go back and “stick it out”. Looking back I can say that no, no I couldn’t have. But it was hard in the beginning.

I went through a period of time where I felt jealous, almost resentful of other missionaries. Like they were rubbing it in my face almost, that they were out and I wasn’t. It wasn’t true, but i felt like it sometimes. And I didn’t even want to write any of my friends for such a long time.

Then I just got depressed. I think when you pour your heart and soul into something and then it just ends unexpectedly, depression is sort of what happens. I was in such a deep depression and nobody even knew. For months, too. It got so bad I really don’t know how I made it.

It sucked because I was sick too, and because I came home early, I didn’t have the money I would have had or any of the plans that my parents were trying to get ready for me when I was going to get back in June. So I kind of did nothing. I just sat around, going to work part time and then wallowing in my stupid sadness the rest of the time.

But don’t worry! There was a light at the end of that tunnel 🙂 I found a job I liked, and quit the ones I hated. (Yes, I quit two jobs in a month’s time haha) And I picked up the guitar. And started working out again. And made some friends. And went out of my comfort zone. And made some future plans!

So I mean…. it eventually got me to where I am now. Which is happy and ready for what the future holds 🙂

But I will never forget my mission. It changed my life, and it will always be a part of me. I mean it’s literally been the focus of the last two years of my life. Completely. But I think it’s time for me to move on a little bit 🙂 I served my best, I met amazing people, I loved another country, and now I have a new part of my life ahead.

So this is my video. This is just a quick 8 minute representation of the insane experience that was La Mision Chile Concepcion. And it isn’t probably going to blow anyone away or anything, but who cares. I made it for me, and this is sort of my “tribute” to it all. But hey. Feel free to watch and enjoy 🙂

Thanks for the memories Chile. It was a great time.

Some opinions (that probably no one wanted haha)

Hey Julia, why don’t you post some opinions on things that no one asked for, and no one wanted?

Okay I will 🙂

So lately I’ve been doin pretty good in life (for me!) Hahah. Idk. Things have been going pretty well for me in the past couple of months. But I’m busy, which is why I never post on here and also why I have no life haha. But today I had some down time and a few things came into my head that I wanted to just rant about… lol

Tell me if I’m wrong k?

But I have this thing about friendship. Friendship to me means a lot of things that apparently it doesn’t mean to a lot of other people. Which sucks sometimes, but whatever.

Backing up though… I’ve kind of always had this weird… problem?… would I call it that? Where I gravitate towards two different types of people generally. One type is the needy “leech” friend. I tend to ALWAYS have one of these! Someone who needs me WAY more than I need them, but who never ever returns the friendship back equally. They need me for advice, they need me for support and to listen to them… NEED seems to be the thing I think when their name pops into my head. The other type is the bossy, controlling, sometimes manipulative “friend”. I am pretty good about staying away from these types of people, but I feel like I always have someone kind of in my life like this. Someone who feels the need to know everything I’m doing, wants me to do things their way, is bossy and nosy and has no problem telling me their opinion… etc.

Both of these types of people are just the types of people that I find myself associating with a lot of the time and I’m not sure why! There’s probably some psychology behind it but I think there is time for a change. They aren’t necessarily bad people, but I would say that most of the time they are bad friends. You know why??

Because friendship is a two way street. And that’s that. When I have a friend, I firmly believe that I will be THERE for them to the best of my ability. I will listen to them when they need it, I’ll support them, I’ll help them out, and I want to enjoy my time with them! But it should go both ways. They should be there for me! They should listen to me, support me, help ME out too. A lot of the time in friendships I find that it’s a lot of GIVING and not a lot of receiving :/ As in… I’m always there for them, but they are there for me when it’s convenient.

I guess I say this now because it hurts sometimes. Usually I get over it or whatever, but as I’m changing my life a lot, I’m noticing my friendships and how they affect me. I’ve been really hurt by a few people who have turned out to not be as good of friends as I thought they would be.

Basically….. this RANT is just to say that if you are trying to have a good friendship with someone, be there for them. Be the friend you want them to be. It’s just that simple. And for those of you like me who feel walked all over?? Try this. Don’t start the conversation with anyone. Don’t go out of your way for a single person for a while. Then you might be surprised who cares… and who doesn’t.


ANOTHER THING…… haha (told ya this was a post no one wanted lol)

Social media is seriously ridiculous. I’m guilty of it too…. let’s be real….

But honestly I feel like a grandma saying this but it is getting out of control. It is bad enough when I can’t talk to someone without their nose in their phone.

But when people literally judge their self worth based on followers, likes, or how they appear to others on a social media site, it’s just too freaking much.

Anyways. Just some opinions of mine that I thought I’d toss out there 🙂